Not all the views stated on this page are the view point of our group. These are stories and thought of people in this life style stated here. We are open and excepting to most people and it may be confusing, but to let you know we do believe in equality weather it is gay, straight, bi, even trans, or even all those other categories that people just don't talk about. We may not know about "your" sexuality and we ask that your sexuality is not pushed on others. We want you to tell your story, and let people know what is out there to look at, but please do not push, not all people are open minded that is why we say it here and it stays here.


My daughter is proclaiming non-binary, pan sexual, homosexual, and I have seen bi-sexual tendancies. I informed her until she is of legal age I would prefer her to be a-sexual, and she can think about it all she wants but not to touch or be touched. She lives with her bio-mom (the other mother) so I don't know what is happening in her life. 

With her moms and I being poly  it would totally be wrong of us to say she is in the bad, but  until she is legal age we can only except A-sexual. After she is legal  than we as a family will except her for who she is no matter who or what she is and we will support her in everything we can.(LGBTQ+++) or even being straight.

I as a father have to keep my little girl safe no matter what she calls her self ... when I went through life I went through the name fases as well. Along with the three names of who you are in religious context. It is no different. Except they are presenting there choices of sexuality " non faith based thoughts" and giving them selves an alternate being to imagen they are with names and all. 

we are now excepting more stories from you... please

confusion about who you are can you clear that up

As a leader of our coven/ community I personally do not know a lot about the subject. Can you please enlighten me? personally I am from an older generation and all these new terms had not been brought out yet. We have a great couple of gals that should be coming soon to give us there insight. there names are not important but we need you to understand we support them and they support us in our walks of life's.