We are not a church we are a coven and this is our history, what was your part in it? We can now get involved openly in the US Government and we will try to do so.

People we know do not come to us to be preached to or at. But we do have spiritual information when asked, this is what we have to keep in mind. We do not have a lot what we do have 

We as a people need to find our soulmates and grow through life When I found Lady Selene and we have been two souls in the night with a similar view point. We agreed after years of being together. We would open the coven to help people be who they are not who we want them to be. That means we live to be there for our community and making us better and grow within our selves. here are some of examples we have been noted for doing for our people  concealing all names until later. WE COME TO YOU... TO HELP WE  JUST  NEED A CALL  OR A TEXT AND THERE WE ARE.

We try to do anything we can to help our people and guess what if you are here. You are our people. If you can please tell us your story we would be grateful how we either helped you, or how you came to be with the House of Pagan Pride Inc. (we are not a food dispenser or second hand store.) We believe in paying it forward. Helping our kindred and clans. We do not do it for lining our pockets, because others need it more than we do, that is why we went non profit.

  • gave a place to shower and have a warm meal while doing there laundry.
  • visit folks (kindred to the coven) in the hospitals and nursing homes. Olma, marilyn, and other fallen kin and kindred we miss you.
  • giving food and supplies to people that needed it.
  • giving housing to those who felt they wanted our help.   
  • teaching about the lives of our fellow pagan heathen wiccan immigrants from our own land and from lands over the great water. (we are all immigrants now because our ways were stripped from all of us for generations. in that we are all one.) 
  • mending spirits as we go... not conforming just repairing and allowing them to grow on the path they choose to do. (I am not you , and you are not me … we all have a path, and we all need to find our own destiny.)
  • We love to be loved not to be perverse, our world as you know has tails of our kind that is false and we are trying to fix those issues as well. We are pagan an proud.
  • We are trying to prevent people to jail but we are trying also trying to get into the corrections facilities to help sooth a damaged soul.
  • Suicidal people some of "my passions", because they can't find a new way out of their inner fire. cutters, pills, burner, hangman server, gunners, drowning on prepose, or just mental health issues. if I can help it you will be safe.  WE LOVE YOU AND NEED YOU, AS LONG AS YOU BREATH COME HELP US, AND WE CAN HELP YOU GET THROUGH IT.  IF YOU TRULLY WANT IT, OUR HELP that is. 
  • The weddings and other things we charge for is what pays for our licensing and the people who works for you to make your life better as much as we can . 

we have been doing these things long before we even met so the idea was that in order to help us help the community we started the coven. We are now able to get government help in order to help in time of need with in the community.  We desire this to get known around the world, and anyone who is willing to give there testimony about how it happened for them. We are looking for capable people with the same duty to kin and kindred with the loyalty of the Gods to help us with the cause of helping the community so they may grow the way each person desire to grow. 


Hello folks this is Cassie and I am brand new to the coven. I am wanting to learn more about things with being a new wiccan, witch. I am outgoing and I'm easy to talk to. Its nice to make new friends and learn a lot of new things.  As the office secretary I have access to a lot information at my finger tips. They are also teaching quick response for just in case someone Calles in an emergency or distress calls of any sort. Along with attempting to teach  me how to be a priestess of my own branch of the coven if I so choose. " It is a one year program with intense study and spiritual guidance."

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