Published on 6 September 2023 at 13:13

Hello folks this is Cassie and I am brand new to the coven. I am wanting to learn more about things with being a new wiccan, witch. I am outgoing and I'm easy to talk to. Its nice to make new friends and learn a lot of new things.  As the office secretary I have access to a lot information at my finger tips. They are also teaching quick response for just in case someone Calles in an emergency or distress calls of any sort. Along with attempting to teach  me how to be a priestess of my own branch of the coven if I so choose. " It is a one year program with intense study and spiritual guidance."

I have traveled a bit in the south and west of the united states through out my life. I am now in the frozen north at the tip of the mitten at the knuckle of the ring finger. It is called Traverse City, Michigan. I love it here, the people here are supportive, and understanding to my needs and respond quickly to a request when asked to do something.

I  came to know of the House of pagan Pride Inc through my other half, you could say my soul mate Devine. He is one of the designers for the coven.

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