03/28/2024 Selene and Michael Grewe are doing a hand fasting and induct Ashly and Joann Lopez family into our organization. This is the first hand fasting we have done with this company. We are proud of it, both member and staff to bring them in as one.

what have we done so far as a group

Our money is not just freely given but it is to save our community for example:

we are legal ministry of Michigan trying to make our world  a better place.

Traverse City Maine office:

1) have help folks financially situation on multiple occasions, a lot of different things OF NEED.

2) We have helped folks with saving there home. 

3) We have helped folks when they were burned from their home with Items they may need.

4) We have helped with meals and shower to people who needed and asked.

5) Given people shelter as they needed it when we have space.

6) We have Donated to get and keep the coven running with great credit. (but we are low on funding.)

7) helping companies get on there feet and join new frontiers. right now our t-shirt division up and running.

8) we have a history of helping with gas as long as you are willing to turn in bottles.

(we do not have many cans left either until we can get them built up again.)

9) pick up upon request if needed (yes, donations are excepted) after three pm. or night.

10) we visit pagans upon their call in hospitals or jails.

11) we help new pagans learn by either guiding them to a coven in their area or they can in time learn from here.

we also have all our books are on camera at the main office, we are a coven not a public library... books do not leave our homes. a library for people to study from if they desired.


Wexford county  office :

1) Helped donate to help burn outs 

2) works with elderly and disabled  people daily

3) assisting with Ideas for fundraisers for the coven


Manistee County office: 

1) studying to help With our site and trying to improve our ratings

2) takin in drug addict and got them to rehab quite a few times.

3) Helped the homeless as well 

4) coming up with different Ideas  for raising money for the coven

5) trying to feed the Country, home the homeless, and warm the frozen


Benzie office :

1) He is new to the seen and he have not seen anything from him yet.


********* when it  is a hard core case we reach out to friends and family to help you as well no matter your faith or belief system. **************************************

                                                                                    please to remember to pay it forward with your fellow man.

please understand these people donate their time to our organization to help our community be a better place. No one of are here to be used or to get used by you or anybody else please be kind. We are Pagan ministers Trying to do the right thing for the universes. Each place we have note here is dedicated to be a student of life and everyday should be learning more and more about their ministry. We are all licensed and and excepted by the house of Pagan Pride to do the ceremonies you may require, and if we do not know it we will learn before your time services. When we said we are here for you it means WE ARE HERE FOR YOU AS A COMMUNITY and our community is kindred... WELCOME TO THE FAMILY.

What You call us is excepted by us. we have been called Gothi, Ministers, priest & priestesses, and just heathens/out cast. (that is my favorite one). 

The ceremonies are how we take care of our companies, and your families financial needs. So we are looking for funeral services, weddings, Hand fasting's, etc... So we can help you.



we are always looking for volunteers. welcome folks.