Holidays, Check it out!  

In america each and every holliday / 8 Sabbat and 13 possible may be more or less esbat " ritual meetings" has a significant foundations in a persons faith and or cultural belief system and when those things are ignored than things seem to go wrong in a persons world. A person skips work, calls in sick, shorter tempers, and even abusive personalities. This just drains a persons spirit and moral and they need to find the energy from some where or you know, never know what happens next. the perfect example: Larry the post man took out a gun in the middle of the post office a dropped 12 people dead before the police could take care of him. What I am saying is that each ceremony is a calibration of life to rejuvenate our spirits and minds to who we are and who we desire to be. This could be the only time a person sees family and friends...

For each culture it is important to enjoy what they were brought up with here are a few examples: Halloween, day of the dead, all hallows eve, and  pagan new year.  Can you guess the the dates of each of these holidays?  

In my personal home we try to recognise the wiccan, Norse, Celtic, American birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, funeral and wakes and as our family grow so do the reasons to celebrate life as we know it. How do you do it in your home if you do any at all?

BEFORE YOU GO ALL WEARD ON ME FOLKS, If we were to give you every holiday off in the world and in your sci-phi world ( sir jedi) there would be no work getting done. In Michigan Holidays are an agreed thing between employee and employer. IT IS NOT GOVERNMENT MANDATED. So if your boss says you will work on yule ... Hey, is that in your contract? REMEMBER: MICHIGAN IS ALSO AN AT WILL STATE, PLEASE LOOK IT UP BEFORE YOU DO ANY THING RASH. You need to tell your new employer right in they hiring period of the time with the company what days you are choosing off and agree to work all of the rest of the time during each month of that year. this even means the days he/ she may let every one else go home... you agree to stay if needed. This is your calibration of life folks what do you want to do with it? 

Governmental holidays and Neo- Christian agreements 

personal hollidays

Pagan Community cultural Holidays

American New year: Jan. 1  (Federal holiday)

Christmas: dec. 25  (Federal holiday)

Good Friday: Friday before easter 

easter: guaranteed sundays off (Federal Holiday)

4th july independence day (Federal Holiday)

thanksgiving  Nov 23 (Federal Holiday) 

Martin luther king day: January 16 (Federal Holiday)

Washingtons birthday: feb 20 (Federal Holiday)

memorial day: may 29 (Federal Holiday)

juneteenth independence day: celebrating the last slaves being freed june 19 (Federal Holiday)

labor day sep 4 (morning) (Federal Holiday)

columbus day: oct 9 (Federal Holiday)

veterans day: nov 10 (morning) (Federal Holiday)

valentines day feb. 14

sweetis day

devils night (mischief)

all saints day

LGBTQ2+ month june

how many of these days are not celebrating violence in the American culture? 

1) Valentine Massacre 

2)st patrick running all the pagans from Scotland.

3)Martin luther king the death of a philosopher" I had a dream"

4)Good friday/ palm sunday is about the death of your son of god.

5)Memorial day: morning the loss of life for defending our county.

6)veterans day is to morn the veteran who has fallen in battle. and M.I.A. / P.O.W.

7all saints day is a the honoring the saints living and dead. from the Christian bible.

8)all souls commemorates al those who have died with in the faith.


How many holidays do we need for the dead? They are dead, Is it not interrupting their eternal slumber? that is 8 days to just morn 4 days if you are not christian.

Birthday: when you are born into this world. (YOUR PERSONAL NEW YEAR)

Wiccaning/ paganing:

coming of age:13 to 16 birthday depending on family choices.

Coming out...

Hunting/trapping/ fishing: varies to what you do

21st birthday in america full adult hood

Handfasting/ weddings:

Your Child birth/ conception:    /     / 







Mothers day:

Fathers day:

Star Trek/ star wars conventions:  Comicon 

Other: ______________________________

Poly pride month

What I am saying is each one of these days in this section it is a personal  and the dates start with your  birth and than you have the dates you truly choose are your personal holidays.

 Outsiders did not choose who you are or what these dates will be. A spouse is not an outsider unless your bonds are severed. Your spouse/spouces is one with you. you are complete on your own, but your spouces brings you what you did not know you needed. 

When we celebrate our lives as humans we are saying that we are important to our selves and other people does that in it's self not make it a holiday. 

It is normal for a personal Holliday in the United states, Thank you Mr. scrooge for any time off. " the times I just mentioned"

Sick time is not included in this for a holiday, So to say this... How is that  a calibration of life. It is negative energy and needs to be cured/ fixed. We will try to help where we are needed

Wiccan/ Celtic  Holidays

Samhain: Nov 1 (PAGAN NEW YEAR)

October 31 all hallows eve

imbolc: candlemas, st Brigid's day Feb 1

summer solstice: litha june 19-23

winter solstice: Yule Dec. 20-23

spring equinox: ostara march 19-22

fall equinox: mabon, Sep 21-24

beltane: may eve, bealtaine may 1

lughnasa, Lammas, lughnasadh: August 1

st. Patrick's day " a time to mourn" the day st. patrick ran all the pagans out of scotland. march 17


Norse holidays

Ýlir: Nov. 14- Dec. 13 (Nov. 1-dec 13 (Yule is the time of drinking after it is brewed before Nov. first)

Dec 2 is krampus nocts

mörsugur: Dec 14- jan 12 (Dec. 25- Night of the Mothers and Norse New Year)Jan 12 midwinter night- jan 12 return of the Golden southern lady

þorri: Jan13 -Feb 11

Góa: Feb 12-march 13 month of planting the first seeds after bear frost. " Góablót" welcoming goi the household.

Einmánuður:March 14 - April 13(march 20 disablot) march 21 spring equinox celebration of ostara/ Eastre, 

Harpa: April 14 - May 13 (April 14- first day of summer)

Skerpla: May 14- June 12

Sólmánaður: June 13 july 12 (summer solstice/ wedding season through the month)

Heyannir: july13 - August 14 hay-collection or  - Ormamánaður - serpent month (hay has laid out to dry)

Tvímánaður: August 15 - Sept. 14  time of harvest Kornskurðarmánuður"cutting corn month" (harvest takes two months)

Gormanuður: Oct 14- Nov13 (Oct 14 first blot of winter)

Haustmánaður: Sept. 14 - Oct 13 (Sept. 21 Autumn Equinox) "Alfablót" is important 

Norse Holidays

The Norse calendar is filled with different holidays and festivals, but we don’t have detailed records of all of them, unfortunately. What we know about some of these festivities was based on medieval manuscripts, while others have been recreated by using the little information available from different sagas, mixed with the Wiccan Wheel of the Year as an inspiration in some cases.

That being said, here are the different holidays in the Norse wheel of the year that we know of:

  • Þorrablot: or Husband’s day, it was celebrated on the first day of Þorri in honour of all husbands and fathers. It was held in honour of Thor and of course, the winter spirit of Thorri.
  • Góublót: also known as “Wife’s day”, it took place on the first day of Góa in honour of all mothers and wives. It’s also a celebration of the end of winter.
  • Sigrblót: the first day of Harpa. A day to celebrate the beginning of Summer and the victory of light over darkness. Offerings to Freya were made during this festival.
  • Mid-Summer: a common festivity in many cultures, it was the celebration of light, fertility and music.
  • Alfarblót: the first day of Winter. It celebrates the last harvest of the year and it’s also associated with the goddess Freya. This festivity was celebrated in the privacy of each home, as opposed to the others and it was lead by the women of the house.
  • Jól or Yule: a festivity associated with the Wild Hunt and Odin and the predecessor of the modern Christmas celebrations in northern Europe.
  • Dísablót: the exact day of this celebration is unclear, some sources say it was held at the beginning of winter, others at the end of it or it might have been celebrated on both, actually. This festival honoured all the female figures: the disir (the female spirits of protection and fertility), goddesses, ancestors and other female figures of the Norse lore.

**************************************bear frost, Sne' (snow), Fonn (Thick snow), Drifa (Snowing), and Mjoll (Dry snow)

Where do Your holiday's stand for you, cultural spiritual, personal, or Governmental?