We are pagan ministers that started with the Universal Life Church and expanded our lifestyle out to our community and around the world. We do not discriminate against anyone for what they believe. We believe that ALL LIVES MATTER.

We have studied the pagan faiths for 30 plus years each in different areas of study. Michael follows a more Celtic/Norse path, while Selene is an eclectic Wiccan. Both of us enjoy talking to others and learning about different cultures, faiths, ideas, and interests. We have been married for almost 9 years with two children that we are raising to know they are loved. We are a big, happy, pagan family. 

We are here to let our pagan light shine. We are based out of Traverse City Michigan, and we are opening up our arms online. We love you and want to help your spirit grow within you.  We subcontract other pagans from different counties so we do not need to travel so far, and you can have a mister near you for other needs. If you decide you would prefer someone else, we have other ministers that can travel.

Everyone is welcome to join us online!  Or you can call for an appointment to meet in person.



If you have any questions, concerns, or needs, please send us a message below.