To become a minister in our coven, you need to complete three levels of training and evaluation. Here is a summary of what each level entails:

Level one: This is the basic administrative level. You need to submit all your paperwork to the office, including tax forms, driver's license, employment application and signed contracts. You also need to provide a brief overview of your coven affiliation or your solitary practice and your experience in the craft. You will learn the duties and responsibilities of a priest or priestess in this coven, as well as the rules and expectations of the contract you signed. This level can take up to a year to complete, depending on your progress and performance.

Level two: This is the intermediate level where you demonstrate your skills and commitment. You need to show that you can follow through with your studies, projects and tasks assigned by the coven. You will also start to manage your own county with the guidance and support of the main office. You will learn how to handle various situations and challenges that may arise in your role as a minister.

Level three: This is the advanced level where you become an independent and competent minister. You will be in charge of your own county and report to the main office once a week. You will perform all the duties of a high priest or priestess, such as officiating weddings, funerals, blessings, counseling, organizing festivals and ceremonies and more. You will also represent our coven in the wider pagan community and foster cooperation and harmony among different groups.

We hope this gives you a clear idea of what it takes to be a minister in our coven. We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals who want to serve the divine and the people with honor and integrity.

This will be quick, but our minister's cover an entire county, " area manager" doing the duties of the high priest (Gothi), total priestesses, and priests. marry, burry, and blessings of person and pets along with their house, Layman's councils, Festivals/ceremony and much more.