pagan and all vets, military, and civil service personnel

This area is to show our honor and respect for People who protect our clans while we sleep, and those who protect our boarders and our rights that we have.

Thank for your service ladies , and gentlemen if there is anything we can do to help you We at the House of Pagan Pride Inc will do what we can do. 

Any donations for the veterans we ask that you let main office (231)252-2165 know what is going on and we will get you a receipt for your taxes, because I believe it is also a tax write off at the end of the year for your donations. All cash or checks we request you do a bank to bank transfer or please take it straight to huntington bank and tell them it is for House of Pagan Pride Inc. for our pagan veterans in our community.

We have opened up art Gallery to help out our veterans, when they sell their art the deal is made from artist to customer house of pagan pride only shows the art. It is up to the artist to deal yes, or no.