until we see you again... 

Mother Linda Anthony with Selene Grewe

Linda Anthony was a pagan most of her life. She was a gifted Priestess and an important part of our Biological Family. She was the high priestess in the in the Handfasting of the CEO & COO of our company leading in ceremonies and helping to bless our marriage upon that wonderful day. It was truly a magical day.

Linda Anthony was an awesome mom to the COO of House of Pagan Pride Inc and a good mentor to us all.

Linda (Lady Lena) helped to teach our daughter as a mentor in the wiccan class of people. The Sunday (09/24/2023) before her passing with a peaceful smile upon her face she sat there on the couch with my daughter intently listening to every word Grandma said about her bessom's and what they meant to her ... That was the last she was ever able to teach her in physical form until the next life. We will miss the sparkle in her eye.

The other thing that was well remembered by our coven members is her love of plant and learning of nature and how it takes care of us she knew many qualities of any plants. she also had a garden in and outside the house. having her fingers in the soil I believe she was reenergized from it and the is part of what kept her looking so young.

She wants people to remember her for her hard work and dedication to her job of meant, many years, but as you can see this wonderful woman is remembered for much more and we are stopping a moment to just say thank you Linda Anthony. 

on 09/27/2023 this loving spirit wonderful mother and grandmother is now traveling the plain of dreams and spirits watching over the rest of us. She was 73 years old when she went to help the triple goddess and the green man (Lord & Lady) for the honors of all humankind with the wee people.

She left behind three children she loved very much. A Christian (second) husband, and 4 children of his own. several grandchildren. must have made for a house full on the holidays. 

blessed be to all.


Marilyn Grewe/ Braun" Michael's youngest sister"

Marilyn's story is a touching reminder of the enduring bonds of love and family. Having one child and two cherished grandchildren, her life was undoubtedly filled with moments of joy and challenges that come with raising a family. The passing of a spouse is a profound loss, and it's clear that Marilyn held the memory of her partner close to her heart, choosing to honor that bond by not pursuing other relationships. Her journey through life without her spouse speaks to the depth of her commitment and the strength of the connection they shared. Now, as expressed in the heartfelt sentiment of being reunited with her husband, Marilyn's narrative evokes a sense of solace and the hope that love transcends even the veil of life. It's a poignant reflection on the human experience, the complexities of grief, and the comfort found in the belief of togetherness beyond this existence.

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Grewe side of our family with respects to life

Most of the people in these pictures are part of the family, and they have passed through the vails of life. and others will be mentioned not pictured here from the Grewe family. 

Great grandparent's john Harrison, & Alice Schramm

grandparents Carl & Donna Grewe, Ira & Elma Gray

Parent's Bruce & Peggy Grewe

Brad's first spouse Grace Blood/ Grewe 

sister and her husband Marilyn, & Berry Braun

there are also the aunts and uncle on both sides of the family. marry part to you all, blessed be, hail to you all it has been an honor being around you no matter the amount of time we were together. 


Send a picture of your family member and a short story and we will post it.