Blades: Male- fire

1)Sword-staff have the same representation 

2)Athame (spirit Knife) dull to the human touch.

3)Boline- a sharp knife to the human touch meant for cut physical stuff for you alter.

4) your finger can be used as your blade

5)walking staff is the same energy as the blade.

wands, male energy -  Tarot female energy -

                              Runes male energy ⛮ 

wands are a male symbol of air. We all use them male and female because we have become one with the yin and the yang. it is a piece of your hand in a way, though, it's also a outlet of your magic.   it's also a extension of your hand as is all your tools should be. Red and green is the colors that represent The  wands  in our system.

most fortune telling equipment is said to have female                                                energy

Tarot is well noted fo it fortune telling job witch gypsies, witches, druid and more use them for this set of qualities. 

Runes are not just for fortune telling, They are used to communicate among the Norse people. like tarot the rune have several alphabits to use, the most commonly used it the elder futhark, than they have younger futhark witch has more runes in it then it's elder. 

chalices water- female 

 this is in tarot that would be considered feminine  tool and it is called the chalice. the chalice could take many forms but it most takes the of a drinking vessel of sorts. Though danity in nature, a cup could still hurt you if you broke it. the queen of cups represents  a loyal person with a loving heart.

candles and color magic:

the old ways say that beeswax candles are best but I have seen people use scented candles for a dual purpose even though they were not beeswax. 

with this you can also do color magick  as the candle with the color of your choice is burning. following the flame at the base, letting your mind drift as  you are seeing the color run from the flame instead of going black like charcoal. this helps to send your mind where you need it to be.

Each color represents different things  I will give you five than you have to look the rest up yourself.

cauldron /burning bowl:

1) cauldron I make all kinds of awesome brews, and passions in it. When she Is Clean My Cauldron will make enough soup to eat for a month or better plus feed others that need food on one pot. (Most times a cauldron is made of cast iron/ not aluminum). 

2)burning bowl, I use this when I put a spell together and if it requires I burn something that is where I burn it. being careful of how much flame is in my little bowl. normally for me it is made from brass, aluminum but you can use any bowl for burning.

stones, gems, and crystal balls: There are some stone have energy builder for itself and other things ( Stones here...) 

all gemstones, crystal balls have their own energy but you can store your spirit energy in some  of them. ( take a picture of a clear quartz, then wear it or keep it close to your skin. after 90 days take it off then take a picture of it again and compare both pictures.)

any time you wares talismans, crosses, or rings a lot of them have stones in them and when the wearer may kiss the Items on their person when they pray, have a victory or are wishing really hard for something. They may also have other people kiss the ring to receive energy from other people.

This is one of our training tools, I am sure you know why I will not show you the whole thing. Starting from the middle:

(1)roman numerals (the numbers do not line up with any of the alphabets good luck trying if you do try.), tarot, and a few life symbols

(2) the elder futhark, and the element each one represents along with the yin yang

(3) playing card suits equivalent to the tarot( with this board you could learn the minor arcana fairly well I dare to say.) Alphabet equivalents with extra letters for other languages.

(4)Theban alphabet along with astrology symbols. 

IT IS A TRAINING BOARD FOR  OUR PEOPLE TO BE TUTORED. SO WE WORK TOGETHER TO OVERCOME OUR ISSUES. Did you see the Diana, Selene, and Hekate? Rooky, what phases are these three of...? What do the 5 points stand for with the five pointed star in the middle of the circle? Together what is it called? Extra credit use the board to tell me "a time, day, month, and a year".

Resin is a synthetic material that some people use for various magical purposes. However, there are traditionalists who reject resin as a valid medium for magic, and only accept natural materials such as wood, stone, or metal. They argue that resin does not have the same connection to the natural forces and the divine realms as the organic elements do.

For example, some people use resin runes to practice divination, communication, and healing with the gods. They believe that resin runes can help them tune in to the messages and energies from Valhalla and Midgard. However, others consider this practice disrespectful and ineffective, and only use resin runes as a training tool to learn the meanings and symbols of the runes. They prefer to use wooden or stone runes for their actual magical work, as they believe these materials have a stronger link to the ancient traditions and the cosmic order.

Salt, water for cleansing your tool:

1) salt is used to purify tools and making a circle of protection to protect all that is is inside. Salt is a natural mineral found in both water and earth so do you now see the connection with salt.(charging alter tools with this and the the faces of the moon.) If you let your tool set in salt for to long (IT WILL EAT THE TOOL.) symbol of earth- female energy.

2) water is for the goddess  (female symbol). it is also used with purifying alter tools before and after. Then find a tree or just ot on the ground giving an offering along with a glass  of of the male deities chosen beverage. (For begginers not in a building, please.)

3) air is also a way to insert your energy into your tool (male energy). it is a great source of life and with out you die, to much you die. you control what you receive so you decide. with the right amount you can get super charged.  When you are low you start to see things. with air comes voice and you know that certain tones awaken each chakra... more later, I will show you what tone they are and how they connect together.

4)fire is a male symbol. It is for purifying tool cauterizing open an wound if you had to .(NOT RECOMMENDED.) It is used for focus , meditasion, branding again (NOT RECOMMENDING IT). I tell you these these things to let you know it is out there. What is a  major rule a new age wiccan covens are (DO AS YOU WILL AS LONG YOU HARM NONE,)

Spirit is a tool you need to care for most of all. When you have a dirty spirit or poisoned It will need to be cleansed or watch you life get harder and harder. a great way to cleanse is mental health pro's, leader of your coven" Grand Master" , A Reiki Master at at least 3rd level with proper training.  after you see these people you should feel it change if you do not get a second opinion, like a md. doctor , get a send opinion. (there are 5 poisons to the soul, Asmita, Avidya(moha), Dwesha, Raga & Abhinivesha) I will explain more later.

mirrors, pentacles,& talismans 

Mirror , mirror on the wall who the fairest of the all. alright folks this kids saying has been used in a few spells and incantations over the years that is how I started the mirror room to make the person see what they needed to. "the truth about themselves."

all my facts set aside, This mirror is not used for coke but it is used for opening portals for your third eye to see into time and space feering nothing .  (past present and future, near and afar you can see who you, the spirits chose you to see.

here is where you can see the multiple faces "people" in the person you are. 

pentacle is the star or symbol you wear around your neck to show you are a pagan witch and hold your faith close. Sometimes it can be used to put yourself into trance or hypnosis of other people.

Talisman is any jewelry or trinket you keep with you for luck and, or guidance. "your lucky quarter" for example.



Incense /popery/feathers fan, & smudge 

   incense are to purify you space and body while  you can use the feather to wave the smoke around to help purify the space. 

When you smudge you are primarily  using it for a person's body or space specifically for cleansing spirits, like incenses only a lot closer to the body and usually burned in shorter intervals of time.

popery is nothing more than dried flowers in a bowl that make the room  smell good.

The feather helps to guide the air in your sacred space while the blessing and cleansing  are being preformed

lord and lady Terms for the altar representation: 

your lord and lady are your goddess and gods upon your altar. You have a pic of a human there it is normally a death shrine or you are casting a spell  upon this person. 

If You are putting pictures on your altar of the people of Midgard and they are well, you either have them on a pulpit or if you have pictures of self there you have vanity "egoism set in" then we know your spirit needs a healing and you need to see your spirit guide or the head of your coven for guidance to be cured of that poison. Do you put those pics on your portable altars?  

blessed be hail to the lord and lady, (All father and all mother.) Merry we meet and merry we part.

feather, other animal parts/bark, nuts, other earth parts, ribbon, string, boxes, or bottles:

1)These are Items that represent a person, place or thing that you are talking to the universe for or about.

You are using sympathetic Magick and these items are usually needed one time or another. It is normally used for bindings, bondings, or healing something.

cord, robes, facial covering, or other jewelry

1)jewelry is used for lots of different reasons other than "hey that looks really cool". So many I can not fathom to think of them all.

2)Robes are the classic dress for pagan/ neo pagan come covens use robe colors to designate you to where should in rank in the coven. Or it shows what coven you belong to.

3) vailes or face covers, You see this on brides in the  USA  normally museum/Indian people, or some PRIVATE kind of ceremony for changing over one to another life, It is a personal choice as far as We are concerned. As you see normally it is a female item.

4) cord ranking people by color holding pouches hold your robes closed.

table covers and other alter gear:

1) I personally like fur for my alter. I believe your alter cover is your personal choice. It help me go primal and deep within my inner nature.

2)silks or satan usually used when reaching out to the universe for card reading or runes.or crystals.

3)polyester is for people who have been hustled or just plainly do not want to spend the money on good tools. Cotton is much more preferred over that. A pillow case, or a sheet is it that hard?

4) bare table is usually seen with a spirit board.

note please :

you might find me a snob or you might rebel just because I said polyester is not good . For me I have found as close to natural product flows better with my energy. Please feel free to use what you feel most comfortable with.

suggestion go to old time reenactments, rendezvous  they will have the closest to pure cloth if you can find it. They want to be as close to the time period as passable  or you could try ordering special from local fabric store, that is going to be about $30.00 + at most for the size you may need along with whatever you design it with... I have no more Ideas.

four Items I have found to be able focus.


An athame is a ceremonial blade, often with a black handle, used primarily in the neopagan religion of Wicca and in other forms of ceremonial magic. Traditionally, it is not used for cutting in the physical sense, but for directing energy during rituals. The athame is one of the four elemental tools in Wicca, representing fire, and is used in various rites, such as casting circles of protection or invoking elements. It has a rich history, with its contemporary ceremonial use initiated by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the early 20th century. Wiccans may also use a sword as a substitute for the athame in certain rituals, emphasizing the tool's symbolic importance over its physical form.

Magick wand

A magick wand is a fascinating and symbolic tool used within various mystical and magical traditions, such as Wicca and witchcraft. It is typically a slender, pointed stick that represents the practitioner's will and power. The wand is employed to direct energy, cast protective circles, invoke different energies, and draw symbols during rituals and spells. The materials and design of a wand can vary greatly, often reflecting the personal connection between the wand and its owner. Some traditions hold that a wand should be made from wood that has been gifted by a tree, rather than cut down, and that each type of wood carries its own unique energy and properties. For instance, some may prefer woods associated with specific qualities, like oak for strength and wisdom, or willow for flexibility and intuition. The crafting and consecration of a wand are also significant, with many practitioners choosing to create their own wands as a means of imbuing them with personal energy and intention. In essence, a magick wand is more than just a tool; it is a personal talisman that aids in focusing and amplifying the user's magical intent. 


Candles on an altar serve multiple symbolic purposes across various religious traditions. In Christianity, particularly within the Roman Catholic Church, altar candles are lit during Mass to represent the light of God and the presence of Christ, who is often referred to as the "Light of the World" . These candles, traditionally made of beeswax, are a key element in the liturgy, signifying purity and the guiding presence of the divine. The lighting and extinguishing of these candles are performed with reverence, marking the beginning and end of a sacred service. In other denominations, such as the Episcopal Church, candles also symbolize the enlightenment that comes from hearing the Gospel and the presence of God during worship . Beyond Christianity, candles are used in many other religious practices as well. For instance, in Taoism, candles are lit on altars as offerings and to honor deities, reflecting the light of wisdom and truth. Regardless of the specific religious context, the act of lighting a candle on an altar is a universal gesture of devotion, reflection, and the human desire to reach towards the divine. Candles transform a space into a place of worship, meditation, and respect, creating a serene atmosphere conducive to spiritual practice. The simple act of lighting a candle can be a powerful, symbolic gesture that transcends language and cultural barriers, uniting people in their search for meaning and connection with something greater than themselves.


A religious robe is a garment that is often associated with certain faith groups and is worn in accordance with religious practice, tradition, or significance. These robes can vary greatly among different religions and denominations, serving as a visual representation of faith, commitment, and community identity. For example, in Christianity, vestments are liturgical garments associated with the Christian religions, especially Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, Methodists, and Lutheran Churches. They are often elaborate and symbolic, used primarily during services and rituals. In other traditions, such as Buddhism, monks may wear simpler, more uniform robes that symbolize renunciation and simplicity. The robe can also be a sign of humility and respect, meant to symbolize the holiness and authority of the clergyman. In many cases, the design of the robe allows for ease of movement, which is ideal for the physical aspects of religious ceremonies and practices. The use of religious robes is not only limited to leaders but can also be prescribed for the congregation, in some faiths, to wear during worship or in daily life, reflecting a theocratic tradition where religious guidelines dictate dress codes. The symbolism and significance of the robe can be profound, often reflecting the values and teachings of the faith it represents.