Hey folks this is Lord Michael here to tell you about the functions that we do.

Weddings are a very special time in your life. This makes it easy to forget the other things that we do. I will say start at birth and end when you die. We like to be there for your whole life because to us, you are our pagan family.


1) BIRTH/NAMING: if you let us know at the main office, we can have someone there to pray with you and support you. At that time, we can also do a baby naming and blessing. On the day of my daughter Snow's birth, at the hospital, I made an oath to the Gods that I would take care of her, and I am. It was at that time I gave her a pagan name. (THESE ARE PERSONALIZED FROM THE PARENTS POINT OF VEIW.) 


2) PAGANING: by thirteen children have usually chosen what path they want to study/follow. At this time, they are given a choice paganing for that path. I did this with Snowelle (my daughter) when she turned 13. We did not have a coven at the time, just our family. If this is done with a coven, they are given a 'coven' name. This is also when you proclaim the teaching you will be guiding and nurturing them with. Under the eyes of the Gods and with the coven as witness. (THESE ARE PERSONALIZED FROM THE PARENTS POINT OF VEIW.)  (Party and I will be there.) 







more info later folks