NEO- Pagans


We are a community of pagan who care about where we are and who we are around so when  crated House of Pagan Pride Inc we seen a need other people were not getting, so we stepped up and said Hola, Mijo and mija and all other people around the world bring your sons, and daughters teach them of the pagan way It truly is a proud path to live. We at house of Pagan Pride Inc love you for who you are not what we want you to become. We are Familia all around the world, and we also have loyalty with true love. I ask you , can you show love with out giving of yourself in one form or another. When I the writer says family, I do not mean to insult your blood line. I mean it in a way that goes beyond blood, and it goes beyond the loathing we have for our own humanity. As Pagans we are who we are, and for some it means they sit on the couch and drool over humans on television, but we choose to help others when they are in need because one day we may need it. It is called "paying it forward."

When the person comes down the street to say can I mow your yard? What do you say to him/her?

If a person said hey, I need a shower do you mind if I use yours? What if they are asking for pop bottles that are returnable for money for the week? Yes to all of that and more, allowing others to enter our extended kindred and our homes means that there is someone who gives two hoots.

This may be something you do not get or even want to fathom that a kind gesture or a kind word does for that person who is down and out. You may even believe I /we are crazy for lending a hand, but somewhere down the road you may see it come to you three plus fold back to you.



                                            OUTSIDERS-LOOK OUT FOR THIS, IT WILL HAPPEN : (talk to your spouse please, before it happens to you)

This has happen to me in ALL them forms mainly by most Christians and a couple pagans: I should trust everyone ? this is my answer.

1)I will be the first to tell you outsiders hurt the family, but to understand when you say Familia does that mean I should or should not let them in. I am confused? What I have to say to that is, follow your gut because I when I was young I was shown people will cause drama, and the first person who will do your spouse is the last one you expect. I do not expect her to do it but I know she has her own mind. As long as she is truthful with me and I with her, the moon is not beyond our limits. Outsiders will try to get you to lie to your spouse and maybe even about him/ her to others… DON'T DO IT, IT IS A TRAP BY YOUR , "FRIEND". That is cheating in every circle I have ever been in. How do we feel about cheating?


  1. Have you heard that as they are taking your child from you, your arms, and your home saying things like you are not fit to be a parent because your live stile is different than the state mandated.
  2. When your own parents/ family take over so much they feel they can control your family without outburst or consequences.
  3. That person who says "I am doing this for your own good". As they break your family apart in any manner they can.
  4. I can be a better spouse to you than your other husband. or he is not your real husband he is just the baby daddy.  " I can be a better parent than your spouse".
  5. He or she is not working, you say they are on the couch all day, I can help you with that.

There are a lot of people who don't believe Christian/ Pagans are real... You are one or the other. If you want to a say it is real then your group will show up here with the other Neo religion's. 

Story from one of our members:

I chose Athena as one I would worship because of the fact I grew up fighting wars within my head, two because she's fiercely protective. Three because of the fact she is famed as someone who is full of wisdom and courage. I'm extremely intelligent, and I've finally learned to have courage within myself. 


I chose Athena as someone I would worship because of the fact that no matter what I went through in life, I have always loved. She is the goddess of love, sex and fertility. The second reason I chose her is because she is the goddess of fertility, I suffer from infertility, so I figure I needed a bond with the fertility goddess. Sexually is not really something I would worship over. 


I chose Zeus because I am always centered and calm when it comes to thunderstorms. He is the God of Thunder. The second reason being is I've always had a fascination with the sky and watching it, watching the clouds and how they form. Hades because I've always felt a bond to the dead, regardless if they were related to me or not. Not because of the underworld or anything. 

Basically, I chose them because I feel like I have a bond with them in one way or another. Like they're attached to me.

Also, it doesn't help that I have multiple personalities, so I bond with more than one god/goddess.


Maslow's pyramid is a model of human motivation that was proposed by the psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1943. According to this model, human needs are arranged in a hierarchy, from the most basic and essential to the most complex and abstract. The lower levels of the pyramid consist of physiological needs, such as food, water, and shelter; and safety needs, such as security, stability, and protection. The higher levels of the pyramid consist of psychological needs, such as belongingness, love, and esteem; and self-actualization needs, such as creativity, growth, and fulfillment. Maslow argued that people must satisfy their lower-level needs before they can pursue their higher-level needs, and that the highest level of human potential is reached when one achieves self-actualization.


Our basic needs come as food, water, warmth, and rest. Without these things you will not survive. You will do anything to get this unless you are truly broke in chi / spirit. 

 If you or your children are starving, then you would go against your core beliefs to get them or yourself fed. Without food after 4 days, you do not think straight, after seven to fifteen days you are either bed ridden and cannot talk, or you are dead. 

Without water your body starts shutting down and in three to seven days you will be dead with no fluids. 

Without warmth in your body, you will die. With this I add sex into the basic needs of humans, because sex will make heat and before man knew fire, we had each other. (Sex desire is different than having a true relationship.) I will get into that later in the writing. 

 without rest you will become deprived of brain function which will in turn will cause a lower quality of life to the point of death if it happens. Example falling asleep behind the wheel of a car.   


Security/ safety is important that your home (could as much as be as much as being next to a tree, a lake or in a house or in a Manchin it is where you feel safe.) family, property is safe. This is where you know you have that one place you will not be harmed from weather, predators, or just other people. This is where most people start working for things in their lives to secure what they do have. “Remember the grasshopper and the ant and tell me which one figured it out…life.” 


Belongingness is the need to be in a group or have friends of some sort or another. This is the desire to feel needed, and wanted by your peers, and members of the community such as the church Christian or pagan either one is a choice you can make. 

At this level you begin the romantics of a true relationship if you had not begun early. Getting a girlfriend, lover, wife, and or mistresses. This is what you concentrate on then you get children. 

Sex is mistaken quite often at this as a point of the pyramid as compassion or I belong to someone is normally felt in the first two layers of the pyramid. By the time you get to level three you should need that sense of belonging and feeling true Love having some self-control. 

This is where you choose to be polyamorous or monogamous by choice without fear of others condemning you for your choices in life. 


Esteem needs this is the feeling of accomplishment which will give prestige among your peers, and others around you. Example I got a premotion that raised my self-esteem and gave me a sense of accomplishments in turn have me the prestige in the community to be able to have pride in what I do. 



Self-fulfillment is achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities. 

For myself I am becoming one with my higher being/ inner self to be enlightened in the powers of heavens and earth to understand the meaning of why I am here and what the universe wants for me. For you it may be being the best husband or wife you can be. Perfecting what you have. 

 what you no longer need IS to gather and Concore but to learn from people, spirit, and thing around you to improve even more what you started with in the first place. 



1)What you choose to do with your life is up to you, these guidelines every student learned in civics class in school while I was growing up. 

2) Be careful of people who try to skip around on their path because that can hinder you in your lifestyle. 

3)If you do not know how to climb the pyramid there are people who can help you, and always remember to become a millionaire you do not follow a pulper.  

4)Your spiritual guides / leaders will help you if you ask and if they can in one form or another. 

5) If you teach your child to skip any of these steps they will fail and in turn you have failed as their guide in life. If you taught them and they ignore you that is on them 

6) When you have a level complete then you lose it, it will feel as though your world has ended, and you will do anything to get it back… be careful not to be taken by predators or thoughts of suicide. 

7) Understand that compassion toward your fellow man can help you in your climb to the top of your personal pyramid, and that it may enrich your life many folds over. Remember we are all on the same path. 

8) When you are having troubles remember the first point of life from your mother’s womb was breath, breathing is what you concentrate on when it gets tough. It will level out in your body. 

9) There are other paths or later to climb later after you get to the faith levels like the qabalah or your other religious orders, but remember this pyramid is what starts before anything. If you forget that then you may not succeed in your life. 


Michael's thoughts to you, about how he feels.

Blessed be to you. I hope you are enjoying what you are finding so far.

One of the things as a Neo-pagan minister I will say is that I have seen, in the many years of my being a Pagan, just how similar all faiths are. No matter how you feel about your faith you need to understand this is a Pagan page. When the Government excepted us I got excited, and I loved the openness that my direct Blood family can now have. We hope the same feeling is going to come from our pagan community, but I am still nervous. This is a big change for the older pagans. I feel the world needs to open up and join as one under the same universe. For those people that REFUSE the fact that the Government finally excepts us for us, thats the plus to the House of Pagan Pride Inc. You can worship the way you choose and not have to fear for your safety or being humiliated by anyone. Safety and pride is one of our first view points for all of our people. We are a community and our friends are important to us, like our extended family. As long as you are not breaking the laws of the courts your faith is accepted and we would like to learn from you. In our community we want to learn from each other and support one another. We are not trying to keep up with the outsiders, but we will make sure as a pagans we have a pagan presence in our homes and our community instead of being pushed aside by the Christian element or any other groups. 

Understand that Pagans and Christians both question and agree over the years that a Christian- witch  needs to be explained better before we openly except it. Not like burn you on a stick, just nervous about mixed thought's. I understand this is a younger persons train of thought. That a millennial person's ideas are different than someone my age. But I, as a spiritual leader, feel I need to at least hear you out before giving you my point of view. We will support your point of view, we just need to understand what we are supporting. WITH THIS BEING SAID, PLEASE understand that I, as a spiritual leader, don't believe in it, but we do believe in you. What this means is that you are (no pun intended) a child of spiritual growth and sometimes people need to learn for themselves. I need to remember "I need to let you get you own spirituals scars. As you journey through life you must learn for yourself who you are. I can not teach that, only the Gods can. I am only a humble adviser, and no two people walk to exact same path.

If we can get over that hurdle you will be excepted by us. Understand you are one of our kindred when you are accepted in our community whether or not another person says brother or sister, you are still kindred. Just because one person thinks you are a Harry Potter wanna be, does not mean you should not be given a chance by another. This is why we have our own little coven that extends into the community, then goes national, then world wide. I will tell you,  your community coven spiritual leader along with the rest of the pagan spiritual leaders should try to understand, maybe not accept, but understand what is going on with you and your personal coven on your block.