Members of HPP Inc. 

Victoria and Cody Cron:

(Victoria is the first child born of our coven being pagan raised.) Daughter of Rev. Rebecca Cron

Victoria practices Eclectic Wiccan at this time under mom's guidance as a mentor.

Cody is a beginner in the Norse Path. If our other Norse members can step up, we would be grateful to you for welcoming him into our group (he is very new to it all) online or in person by appointment please.

They will be our first couple to be married under the incorporated coven name. They are second generation for Rev. Michael to officiate over, He is proud of this moment when it happens in August 2023.

Snowelle Grewe:

Daughter of Michael Grewe, who performed her naming and paganing in the hospital shortly after she was born. Her mother gave her the name Snowelle as a Christian given, and Michael gave her a coven name. When she was old enough for her Coming-of-Age ceremony, the first stage of becoming an adult. The CEOs of the House of Pagan Pride Inc. Michael and Selene presided over it.

Snowelle's first choice was Eclectic Wiccan path. Michael and Selene support and assist her with this as much as they can.

(Daughter of Rev. Michael and Selene Grewe Pagan High Priest/ess) and Joyann Sutphin (not a member yet...) At this time snow is living in Mesick, Michigan with her biological mother and I am in Grawn, Michigan.



Becky Cron

lives in Clare County with her family. Good housewife and awesome friend. Becky has been practicing eclectic wiccan way of life since before I knew her, she was one of my first mentors before I married her and mark together in 2001.

Mark has passed over the vails of life and Becky years later found Victor the current love of her life. Becky is a longtime supporter of the House of Pagan Pride Inc. and a founding member. (Lifetime membership of course.) She used to be our treasurer, and then she stepped down to allow Selene to take a crack at it.

Skyler Lathrop:

 He is a well-traveled and very educated young man. I respect his wisdom and intelligence very much. I asked him to be a mentor, and this is his response.

 Shaman Skyler is his preferred title. He is Celto-Germanic and Slavic in origin.  Ostrogoth Asatru is the religion he follows. Skyler is a traditionalist and preserver of Indo-European cultures. Strict discipline and historical accuracy in the practices of the Germanic religions is important to him. (Norse, Anglo-Saxon, Visi/Ostrogothic and some Celtic) Born in the US, Skyler went on a pilgrimage back to his motherlands. He met the woman who would become his wife in Russia and made a home there together. 

Skyler is willing to answer questions and assist others via online communication.

Michael Barker and Eldon Blood 

they are our design crew and tech support. These are Great from t-shirts to mugs you ask for a design and they will do their best to give you what you want. for a fee of course, but we can on count them to do it right. Both of these gentlemen are members of our community, and both are vets of the United States, Protecting us and our freedoms. We go to them for all our design needs. The orders go through the main office, then we will get them to you.

Kerrah Dunlop;

Camron Cron

Eldon Blood

Michael Barker