Lord Michael Grewe CEO: and partner of the company we love.

Da is a Welsh term for father. I am the father of this company.

Hey guys:

A little about Rev. Michael Grewe and his brother Brad:

68% Celtic 32% Norse My ancestors before me came from those areas. I call it ancestorial paganism, I believe as my forefathers did long before me. 100% American born.

My brother and I (yin /yang)

Monozygotic identical Twins with TTTS

We grew up in the 70’s which was one of the polyamorous revival times, it was called “free love”. Gen X people can relate to what I am saying because we were raised in it, and everyone heard or saw firsthand what it is. We saw things outsiders were not meant to see, and in turn we became the lost children of the hippy society.

Being born in 1968 there were no such things as lasers in the hospitals. The knowledge they had was minimal at best for saving twins in trouble. My brother and I had at minimum, stage 1 of twin-to-twin transference syndrome. My brother came from my mother blue, and they put him on life support until my grandfather Carl F. Grewe Sr. could get to the hospital and give him a blood transfusion which saved his life. This started the family joke about me being the family vampire. To explain TTTS it is where one twin for all intents and purposes consumes the other starting with blood and nutrients. The vanishing twin (founded in 1945) is considered one of the last fazes before both twins die.

“The twin connection” This is fun because it starts off with Bradley (the yang to my yin) the eldest of four children and myself being the second born. Brad was the runt in the beginning, I was larger than him, but he survived.

Bradley W. Grewe was a Baptist Sunday school teacher strong in his faith, believes in God and country. A dedicated military person, he retired from the armed forces. Medical records are classified but I can tell you the records look a lot alike. WE have the same likes in tv shows (blood and guts… cool) or cartoon classics. He is a monogamous person with one wife.

Michael became a pagan minister also strong in his pagan beliefs.  I love my country and I did try four separate times to get into the armed forces, they all turned me down. Federal laws state there is a brother claws in the service. Instead, I became a certified nurse’s assistant on both a mental health and military wing in the building I worked at for most of my tour with them. “Caring for our wounded soldiers, and civilians.”

 I am a polyamorous person with one current primary wife. (Alternative lifestyle)

There are proven studies showing that identical twins have a special connection to each other in the universe. Thanks to that connection I have other challenges that I am faced with. If you choose to YouTube it, it will show a few of the issues we faced. You guessed it, polyamorous vs. monogamous is one of those issues.

We all face our issues a little differently.  I do not use it (being a twin) as an excuse, but I do embrace my polyamorous side of life. My brother has chosen to believe he is monogamous while I chose polyamory. This is not uncommon, for one twin to choose monogamy while the other chooses an alternate lifestyle. They may also choose being gay over being straight.

I feel that over my lifetime of experiences it has shown me a true sense of polyamory (NOT POLYGAMY), and I personally reject monogamy for myself. I tried monogamy on many occasions and after four wives and a few lovers decided it was not meant for me. In my 40’s I learned what polyamory was and how it worked. It agrees with who I am. It is 2022 and I am 54 years of age. Now I am an activist for polyamory when it is done properly. I will get into that in another podcast this subject also brings up cheating and how it is wrong.

As for religion, my religious lifestyle in my childhood I was raised in a (Christian) home.” Going to many styles of churches, mom and dad did not limit our growth in that way. At 17 years of age, I had drowned and was revived in the bottom of an aluminum rowboat on the Manistee River around brown bridge area in Michigan. My eyes lids were blue, my skin was gray, and my limp lifeless body lie there while they pounded on me to get the water from my lungs. No pulse “I was dead.” This changed my life, because when I came back to my body, I had new purpose in my life. I knew I was to be a spiritual teacher and I needed to get ready for the rest of my life, because I found out later on it was not meant to be a Christian leader. The pagan lifestyle fit me like a glove, and I have been practicing ever since. It has been a few decades now and now I am in the prosses of putting house of pagan pride Inc. on the map.

That is just a little bit of history with the Grewe twins and how I Became a minister, and my brother a Sunday school teacher. As you know we have had lives before being crippled, and it is hard to try to keep up with our lives before the disability, so we adjusted to our current lives as it is. I went from being an honorably caring nurses aid caring for people legally in a nursing home, that I did for 8 plus years. Along with studies on multiple religions and faiths from the age of 17. Brad is totally retired and enjoying going to his church.

Odds and ends about me. I am an identical twin. I have two living siblings left one sister and My twin is still alive. both my parents and our youngest sister are gone. I am a proud husband and father. I am a proud pagan. I am polyamorous (NOT POLYGAMIST!!!!!). I have pride in being a U.L.C.  Pagan Rev. With a Doctor of Divinity, it allows me to open a church of my own in Michigan and stay in good standing in the parent church. Throughout my life I was raised and still practice the life of a good Samaritan, giving to others in need and trying to make my community a better place. I am a layman’s counselor for purposes of the church and other’s needs (I do refer people to get medical attention when it is over my head. I DO NOT DIAGNOSE MEDICAL/MENTAL ISSUES). Being a spiritual adviser is something that I feel should be respected not laughed at and ridiculed as a “know it all” position in life, so the sacrament of counsel is in utmost privacy.

Understand I Rev. Michael Grewe do not claim the faith Christian, we respect you in your faith please respect us and our people for our belief system.            


I do not apologize for the life I live Because this is how I learned who I am.

While I was growing up from birth, I had an Identical twin brother who “needed/wants” to share the twin life. (a proven part of the Identical twin condition).

I am a biological father to one living child that I know of and have been a stepfather to 5 different children, so I have had a little practice with kids before my daughter came. I will be the first to tell you “I am not a perfect parent.” And I am always learning from my kids and other people. In my life I have acquired 4 legal wives, and 3 of them have legal divorce paper’s. I prefer to be friends with them, but it cannot always be. This is part of how I learned of my polyamorous personality.

Wife number 4 taught me what my life should look like, now I could never go to another family lifestyle. In Deuteronomy it states for the Christian church a priest /minister may not have more than one wife. In the catholic church it said the priest is not to have a wife. In the pagan path’s there is no such limits put on them So therefore I worked to become a priest/minister of my own order. I loved my wife, and ex-wives and children as a father should, and I feel at one time I wished they all have loved me to. but I knew better. They made me understand that from beginning to end of time with their mothers.


Born into polyamory this is what my biological daughter knows, she was conceived under the full moon by the will of the gods. The day she was born it storming all the way to the hospital, and after she came out of her bio- mom the storm was all gone, and we left there a happy family with no shame. It was the most magical time of my life. Yes, my biological child came out of the legal sense of wed lock, and you know in my faith there is no shame, she is my little treasure and thanks to the gods I never have to give her up again. She is raised in a poly / pagan home on both sides, and she should know she is loved totally in my heart. I have and will always teach her by the nine nobles. The gods granted me this gift and by my very soul, I will cherish every breath she takes. Do not get me wrong I love my other children as well, as if they were my own blood.


 all humans have their hidden scars and prefer to keep it that way knowing it will never need to be repeated. My human father would call them growing pains. For example, my circumcision marks need not be shown to the world for fame and fortune, it is there and do not need to be talked about… I am not a Jewish man so it will not keep me from there heaven and their shame is not mine. So why talk about it.


                                             Rev. Michael Grewe                                                                                                                                                                     sergeant Bradley Grewe

Well to talk about me now, I have been a lot of things for a lot of people but being a pagan minister ranks up there for me like being a dad. It is a gift you have your ups and downs and people have their flaws... in the end it does not pay to be negative all the time. One of the things I learned from my earthy father right along with the "basics" of the nine noble virtues. 

My Direct family that I am currently with follows a moral code and I try to teach it to all that is around me. Family first, loyalty with love, and death with honor, blessed be. May the Gods Bless you, as well as you bless the others around you. Hail to all the Gods.

In my family we have had a few sets of twins both fraternal and identical. I believe in our generation family had three set all in the same time era. So, to me it was no big deal, but I learned later on that in that time, they took Identical twins and tortured them to see how special they were. If you were known by the government or collages, you were a lab rat. I found that it is not all bad having a sibling that close as long as out siders did not get involved. We moved around a lot sometimes I wonder if that was not part of the reason why... so they could not find us. Not paranoia just a curiosity as an adult.

One thing I can tell you, I had my brain scanned that was so cool and I found out I was normal. What I am trying to say is doctors asked if I could get a scan done and there is no pressure, or fluid on my brain with everything properly connected.

On to my Priest hood. like I said after I died, I felt the calling for becoming a spiritual leader.  life happened and the gods were telling what path I needed to Go. with many years of personal studies and growth I had a bump in the right direction to find the universal life church and more education about multiple faiths/ regions so at that time I knew I was not just a witch, but a Gothi (a god speaker) and a full-blown pagan advocate for our pagan community in the United States and hopefully a good sponsor for around the world. At this time my life changed 100% positive toward family, friends and people in general. knowing you are on your personal path in life really sets everything into perspective. When I died in the river and came back, I hated being on this earth, and others showed that back at me including family. When I found my path, it was not understood, but I followed it any how despite the ridicule... then today here I am a great job, family, and a life I am Proud of.



Mike's Darkness

My true shame is how lazy I became while hiding my faith from the Christians while I grew, and I can not Be a Gothi/ High priest of any faith until I sharpen my skills back up. Until then I am proud to be the CEO and Part of the pagan community. If you consider   me a High priest I am honored and licensed to do your services for you, and will do all The duties You need and request of me. I will always be their for true pagan folks (my kindred). I am the first Priest of House of Pagan Pride Inc and am proud of that fact, that is why I except when people call me the high priest or Da (father) Yes, I am the Da of this house, and I will always do my best to serve you as my Kindred... Including tough love if needed.

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