The more we grow the the more we can help people. as we grow into the community, will learn we pagan people are a good thing in the whole of the community.   

Pagan Council

Our high priest and priestess are not only the spiritual leaders of our coven, but also the executive directors of House of Pagan Pride Inc, a non-profit organization that promotes pagan values and culture. They welcome collaboration and input from other pagans across different regions and traditions, who can join the board and contribute their wisdom and skills to the success of the company. By working together, we can all grow and prosper as a pagan community.

Pagan council

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To be part of the pagan council, you need to meet certain criteria that reflect our values and goals. First, you or someone in your group must belong to the House of Pagan Pride Inc., a non-profit organization that supports our community. You also need to have a letter of recommendation from your group's representative. Second, you must share our vision of creating a united and safe space for all pagans, regardless of their background or identity. Third, you must be willing to contribute to our fundraising efforts and network with other groups and companies that can help us grow. Fourth, you must be at least 18 years old, or have a parent or mentor who can represent you if you are a junior member. Fifth, you must respect the confidentiality of the council and never reveal the names of other members or groups in public. Sixth, you must communicate with other members respectfully and look them in the eye when you talk to them, whether in person or online. Seventh, you must agree to have all your conversations and decisions recorded for future reference and research purposes. Eighth, you must support our diverse community, including our disabled, LGBTQ2+, and veteran members, and offer them employment opportunities when possible. Ninth, you must identify as a pagan or neo-pagan of any tradition or path. Tenth, you must refrain from any physical violence or aggression towards other members of the group. Eleventh, you must not use any drugs during the meetings or on the premises. Twelfth, you must acknowledge that the host of the council is the CEO of the House of Pagan Pride Inc., and the only person who knows the names of all the groups and people involved. Thirteenth, you must understand that this is a volunteer position and that you will not receive any payment for being on the council. Fourteenth, you do not need to be a leader to join the council; you can be a solo pagan who wants to make a difference for yourself and the community.



this council is to help put this Domain together with our company (coven), along with us and the pagan community together to become as a unit of people who respect each race, sex and, or even faith. 

Right now, we have Wiccan, and Norse/Celtic people, and we would like more people join us in our circle so all can be representing their friends/family and more.

We understand that some people's faiths and rules go against one another just for being who they are. We are trying to join our community so we can all enjoy our pagan way of life together if not for a short time during our meetings. We are trying to cure and help our local pagan community in all manner of needs.

We are not here to make laws, on people or companies, or covens (groups of people who choose not to be registered with the government as a pagan) at any level to restrict or stop legal practices of our state. We are not here to belittle others for any reason. We are trying to figure out how to rule this incorporation and connecting our pagan community in unity. We would like everyone's help to put it together.

All council members do this voluntarily, and not under direst by any person or organization, of their own free will and actually want to be in the meeting.

All members of the council will be handpicked by the existing Board of executives if there is any dispute you do not need to be on the council. If you are interested in building the council contact House of Pagan Pride Inc and we can form the council.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thank You:

                                                                                                                                                                              CEOs Rev. Michael and Rev. Selene Grewe

                                                                                                                                                                                      House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    March 12,2023


Each area ideally, we would like  Celtic druids, Norse gothi, high priests and priestess of the wiccan's, guru's of the high powers, & other people of other pagan faith's  from all over the world coming together and enjoying every ones company. here and in the team rooms that we have.