No offence was intended to anyone in this writing, but it can happen in                                                 any faith or belief.

PRESS PLAY AND ENJOY IT. I am obsessed... his pipes make it work... the music, wow. (Sound of Silence by Disturbed) this describes my writing so well.

Call me a skeptic, but where do I belong? 🤔

To start off with I will say I have tried several ways of praying. Beseeching the Gods for many reasons, and like you, have gotten nowhere with it. For some reason in this human form, I feel the need to call out to and talk to the god/gods, the universe, or even trying an idol or engraved image. When talking to the Christian God, to focus you know focusing on the cross. For me just crying did not work either. So, this research helped me realize not all prayers can be answered. The bad thing really did need to happen to help other people grow as humans inside, or shatter their world, either way it just needed to be.

Spiritual guides are the ones people pray to.  It can be an angel, a totem /animal spirit, or an ancestor of the family come to aid you in your work. This is their belief system, and it is all over the world from China to the USA.

I am going to touch this one is, the choice of saying I do not believe in any god or spirit can or will help anyone. This train of thought is usually done by atheists or people who do not believe in a spiritual being greater than themselves. We are not just flesh and bone but, not necessarily anything more than a just a train of thought and all things could just be gone at any time.

Christians/ Satanists believe there is a power greater than themselves, A lot of us were taught that if it was not of God then it was the work of Satan. When Christians spread throughout the land this became the majority rule over a lot of the Earth. Therefore, we sit in pews or get down on our knees to pray so we do not see our captures as they loom over us like bad dogs, at their pulpits up on high. Telling us, you must pray to their God. We are doing what we are doing because we have our own mind and spirit and choose not to use it because we were trained to. by doing by repetition just like training your livestock losing our humanity to our oppressors. “Trained elephant syndrome.” I sit in this pew every week, and nothing happens, yet I sit here because my father did it, my grandfather did it and so on . we are doing nothing with our lives, but we were told to sit here so this is where we sit every Sunday week after week.”

The universal point of view: this is when you call out to the heavens and earth and whoever answers it was all good because the fates helped your cause it was acceptable. The Christian God point of view is really close to that train of thought, but it is saying there is a higher power than yourself. So, if you are pagan and this is your power of prayer it is still acceptable. My thought for you is if you need a god and you get another to help you than, what is the cost to you? You are putting your hand in the box, and you have that kind of faith it will not kill you. Do not know about you but my parents taught me if you play with something, you know what you are playing with. This can be bad, because you did not use the proper Gods/ Goddesses names cannot be a good thing can it. (Who do you pray too?) I call out to the either and whoever does answer I'll accept it and fates be damned.   

Positive energy: sympathetic magick (focal point visualization, from yourself to another in other areas.) Idol (statues or a cross) worship can be put in this as well. Putting powers into (an engraved image) something to get a result somewhere else, like “when I charge my jewelry for different things for later use during the day.”

Channeling energy: martial arts, yoga, reiki / laying on of hands or speaking in tongues is said to be a message from heaven, or even divination reaching beyond the vail to draw it to you whatever ever it may be. (Transference of power from one place to another.) seances, “spirit” board calling to the other side of the vail. The act of transference of spirit from one’s body (exorcism), because of demon possessions in the human body and we feel it needs to be removed from it.

Alchemy /herbalism: witch Doctors /pharmacist/shamans/ Drug dealers /scientologists

Lord and Lady (all mother and all father): This is a heavenly parenting point of view for guidance and comfort. This concept is great for people who have lost their earthly parents, and or hate the parents they have, or have been raised that the parental form is what you should worship “honor thy mother and thy father” is a good teaching in that train of thought.  When you use this train of thought you have Lord and Lady to handle your issues instead of using the entire council of Gods. (Saves time on learning all the gods names in your pantheon of worship.) 

The worship of the pagan faith says there is more than one God and each of them have different aspects they cover in your life. Celtic, Norse, Native American, Greeks and many other actual cultures did this as a practice not just a religion or a faith but as a nation. And they each had their own pantheon and practices that was not forced upon them.


In America the first amendment rights were freedom of speech and religion and the press. There for as Americans we should have been allowed the faith of our ancestors instead of being stoned burned and many other tactics to kill, and torcher our people. In today’s society, we are free to do what we our ancestors did that is lawful, with few exceptions that are extremist group point of view. “THAT STILL BELIEVE AS KING GEORGE DID.” Us older pagans have felt the rule the church of Mother England/ Rome when we stood against the church in our own families along with judgements by society for being different. (Mary jane-Alister Routluy tied to a tree out in the wood to getting whipped because paw found a “star” book under her bed, and for the rest of the story….)

 Where my home is public now yes, I expect Mother England’s or Rome’s old laws will strike again, or is it just a Christian judgement to kill a witch? England just said, “this is no such things as witches.” but they must understand under their “old laws” they want to feel they must follow my people to kill or maim them. As a culture of people that have war in our veins, we will show you that our elders made us strong, and smart enough to remember what you did to our people, by the nine nobles I am required to protect home and hearth. ALL HAIL ODEN, TYR, AND THOR. MAY YOU PROTECT US ONCE MORE. Just so no one gets funny ideas if my cameras don’t get you my gun will. Which is covered under the second amendment ruling since you guys want to follow the old laws. This is part of the reason we only put the main office phone numbers and addresses on our web site. So out siders do not stone my staff because of their views on pagan beliefs. Stone me if you must but my staff and family are off limits.

                                                        Most of the Pagans are truly good people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Most pagans that I know quite a few of them are nature conscious and/or health enthuses types of people and no matter your lifestyle goal they are always ready to help you be the best you, you can be without issues making your day harder than it must be. But they will try to calm your spirit as you move through your trials with what they have learned in their travels like meditation crystal healing, or herbal clarity and much, much more. not just “say pray about it,” and walk away if not run.

So, tell me what did we do to you to make you hate us the way you do except the understanding the passage in your good book (the holy Bible KJV) that says a witch needs to be dead and to kill the witch? That is why I do not agree with marrying outside anyone faith unless one converts, or it is tough on all parties. IT SAYS IT IN YOUR OWN CHRISTIAN BOOKS NOT TO BE WITH PEOPLE OUTSIDE YOUR OWN FAITH. Do not get me wrong there are exception to the rules all the time and you can say I did … “love, who can deny my love for you, if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right?  This might be good for you, but in my experience 4 wives later knowing the price of divorce under Christian law. Where did that get me?” Love is great, Love is nurturing, and love supports... who does that remind you of “she/ he can be found in your pantheon”? I will say no more on that subject.

Then one of my favorite trains of thought is yin ⚏ and yang ⚎ cause and effect. This also explains identical twins like my brother and I. This deals with balance and equality. Another funny thing funny thing about that is my Astrology sign is the libra scales. I just got reminded not all twins are libra or Gemini, so what are your star signs? How do you relate to your twin, is it like that for you as well? Even being married to women of our chosen faiths we are still the scales, yin, and yang my brother and I will always be no one can take that from us in life or death, we existed. By the way did I tell you my brother is Christian Baptists, and my chosen path was into paganism (the study of all the Gods/Goddesses in mine and many other cultures), true fact about us. We do still love each other, and he is my brother and best of all my friend. Yes, I am friends with some Christians that happens also… I am surprised as anyone lol…  on a serious note, you can be friends outside your faith, but what is not recommended? Take it or leave it, but I lived it and I do not recommend it. It might work for you, but facts tell me otherwise at a 50% divorce rate.

I Rev. Michael Grewe has a couple issues with some lifestyles that others live, and I know it is not my life to live so I must leave it be until it affects me or my family, but according to the nine nobles I cannot retaliate until they attack. They will not do it to me again. I am working on my issues to be able to help you be the best you, you can be. My promise to you is, I as the leader of this coven I will give you my all.    Being human we are supposed to be following the nine nobles, and by those laws I should not need to worry if my Family and kindred will be safe. Our teachings should be safe from outsiders.

My final thought on this passage, was Miss Goody a witch/a prophet of God by doing what she did to find other witches or the ministers of today who use the tactics that I mentioned in this writing? I do believe people do have gifts that they should use in private and in public for the benefit of mankind. I do not call it evil to heal someone from there affliction, or to see what could happen to u or another to help you in life. What I am saying is “people in glass houses should not throw stones.”


FAMILY FIRST, LOYALTY WITH LOVE, DEATH WITH HONOR: May you be blessed by the gods as much as                                                                                                                                                                         you bless the others around. So, mote it be.


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who are u?

We are who we are and people say I am different  then my parents/families. At the age of 13 for my family it starts and we are tormented through our teen years until we are ready to move out ( dad/mom I know what it is all about). When you are beyond that time you may take the time to see who you were, and where each thing/ action comes from that you have or do.

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