Rev. Brenda Chappel, regional Priestess at House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit) "religious organization/ coven"

Brenda is a member and minister of our pagan community. Brenda has a web site she runs on, is a medical professional on top of that, and covers the entire Wexford County Region for House of Pagan Pride Inc.  Brenda donates a lot of time and energy to the Pagan community. Brenda felt the call to become a minister better than 20 yrs. ago.






Brenda's certificate of service with the U.L.C. and good standing of House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit) "religious organization/coven"

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House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit)

CEO’s Rev. Michael and Rev. Selene Grewe

116 S. West Silver Lake Road

Traverse City, Mi. 49685   

Main office phone: (231)252-2165



On this date   03 /10 /2023

    I Rev. Michael Grewe declare that Rev. Brenda Chappel is in good standings with the House of Pagan Pride Inc., and Brenda has followed all of the guidelines we have set for her. We have great pride in what Brenda is doing. Brenda really knows her craft as a pagan artist. 

    As a pagan Priestess for Wexford County Region, Brenda is granted by the board at House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit) the title Regional Priestess of Wexford County. Brenda can perform minister services and assist with spiritual teaching online, as well as guide others to our pagan pages so they can get the information they need. What we are saying is that we vouch for her as a minister. Brenda is granted all the rights and responsibilities of the coven as a coven Priestess. 

    Brenda has her own pagan/heathen web site on Facebook that she manages, she has a lot of great content. Brenda also does Tarot readings, stop into her Facebook to chat with her about it. Brenda is an eclectic wiccan/pagan minister who is licensed through the Universal Life Church to do ceremonies and other services. We do not put limitations on service types, we are an all-faith kind of coven/church. Location, type of ceremony, requirements, and expectations will be discussed before any agreement is made. (Within our parameters and guidelines.) 

    I Rev. Michael Grewe have known of her for quite a while, and I can tell you she is a learned individual, kindhearted, and very respectful to others. Some of her goals are to uplift others, assist them with spiritual growth, and find a deeper understanding of their path. Brenda currently works as a medical professional at a facility in Wexford County.

    We at House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit) allow Brenda the right to give or refuse permission to work in her area for visiting ministers. We also expect that she is helping the community by starting programs in her area through the coven. If you take her on as your spiritual advisor, I am proud to say you are getting the best of the best. We are in it for the long hall.

We at the House of Pagan Pride Inc. (non-profit) thank you very much for your time and energy. We hope you have a very blessed day. May you be blessed as well          as you are blessing others around you.


Thank you my dear friends:

CEO Rev. Michael Grewe