Home & Personal Blessings/Cleansings

A) This is a wiccan ceremony that we preform for our members:

After we open the corners in the front yard or sacred space that has been chosen. 

We do pray to the Gods while sprinkling holy/blessed moon water over the person and or the house in question for the purity of space and spirit within driving the unwanted spirits out. We will also be smudging person and place  for cleansing and purifying, and blessing everything and every one.

1) We will  praying and spreading salt around the chosen area for protection

2) We then close the circle sending the visiting spirit out to the universe. 

3) Thank the people for being there and supporting this home, person, and family.  

4) let  the visitors know we are finished and excuse myself and staff  to go if so desired.

*oh yes we need to use the bessum as well to sweep the negative energy from the house.

This is a basic ritual you may get if you keep reading all the way down you will see why your experience can be improved.What I am saying is nothing is cut and dry even the christians knew that and If you can't tell, My personal feelings about them are not high for them... no they are not g-hod fighters they are just muggles. This is not my b.o.s. so do not think for one instant I would display my practices on line for muggles to play with and get hurt by dabbling. It will not be my fault  when the energy bites them in the butt ... karna cames on people ... I do not need that kind of energy. who will get that energy punishment if done wrong... NOT ME!!!!!

Understand that there is a lot that goes into the preparations 

1) While you hear other people state this, I will tell you that is what I Christians do. what I am telling you is as an American, I know that we have multiple cultures in this country and I am not making fun of any one of them. Please understand each culture has there own way of dealing with Spirit entities. For example: The Celtic folk Deal with the wee one from the other side of the vail.The Norse deal with gnomes trolls and hill giants. the Orientals deal with dragons. English, and American transplants from the colonies and there off spring see demons, angels and devils. The one spirit they all have in comin is death ☠

2)The science community (understand I am not talking down to you if you are one.) I hear if I am a person of science everything can be explained in a lab, mathematics, and test tubes. So therefore You know they would not want a house cleansing. Thy may be laughed out of their own community for even thinking it. Here again is another example. psychologists have a common thought that humans put delusions in their heads and give life to the things around them so to themselves the talking chair is real. (If you are hearing things, check it out... be a sceptic of the unknown, and unlike these guys keep an open mind.) Hint for you tho people hearing voices and seeing things in this community are considered to have a touch of mental illness.) With "EGO" and a closed mind they would try to sway you to believe the same way. ( They would not be calling me to help them.)

3)The American Indians Believe that there are spirits in everything from grass to tree, to humans and so on etc... Most American pagan cultures believe similar ways to them Because of all teachings we have had over the years. In this case a house cleansing is not getting rid of the spirit there but (a) come to terms with the spirit (b) give it a spiritual shower if your "EGO" can handle it. (Have you ever put anything in a shower that did not want to go.) (c) you could be smart and move (d) Are you where you are supposed to be in life, or could the spirits be trying to help you figure out you premous in life.

4)there is a thought pattern of "bio-space/ laws of duality", yin and yang equalities'.  around the world the is a polar balance north and south ang with east and west we have good and evil, and men and women. You can not have one without the other. You can tho even the flow of chi through your home and person with meditations, music, and changing the Fung Shue in your environment that is blocking your chi (energy). There are talismans in many if not most cultures for good luck prosperity and good health. These People usually have a purity practices they do regularly but just wish to have the house blessed by the ancestors and the gods of there faith. All of these things apeze the spirit around the person and their energy. When it is right you will be comfortable and you will feel at peace and your world is balanced.

As for a persons behavior i have been told "you have two spirits inside you and one is evil and one is good this is how you live your life.if you feed the evil it will grow and if you feed what you perceive is good what is feed it will grow. If you let the perceived evil starve what happens, You would think it would die but guess what. As long as you live it lives and it is a forever battle that is inside of you. This is called human nature. (spiritual counseling may be needed for assistance of the human.) A blessing could not hurt of course.

5) The following of mythical creatures such as dragons, giants, troll, elves, dwarves, and in this train of thought multiple gods and realms.In this statement I am not belittling you. I myself do believe that at one time they all existed, and no I do not believe Ragnarök has come yet. I had a friend tall enough be a smallish hill giant and he thought like him as well. Your either befriend or make enemies of the wee people around you that is your choice, and when you try to evict them there may be issue like sitting on a hornets nest. To ask me for help means I would be your go between and it means I would be the one to stick my hand in the hornets nest. Please do not step on the mushroom rings when you find them they are rare now and out of respect for all that is good I ask you not to, just call me and we go from there. this means your dealing with folks from beyond the now because the humans wiped them all out or it is just the way of life. I am not talking about d&d players, they are good people but that s just a game based with a lot of mythos in the bases of the game. We are talking about The cultures I speak of are before the Christian invasion most of europe all the from Germany to iceland down to Ireland to Greece then to china shoot even England had their gargoyles. Folks from herbivore to carnivore all over the globe before Christians killed off or bribed our peoples to building their churches and scaring them (our people) into the sheep hood. they went from making our belief system stood strong to trying to killing us off .  Ask a person in any culture, What was before Christianity they with tell you a plethora of different gods/ goddesses and creatures ruled the land and they all had names. 

6) The seventh type of person who might call is the lonely person looking to reach out and talk to anyone just to know this world does exist and it is not all in their minds  for no one else takes the time to say "mike " you are real, and it is time for you knew that from all of us.  

7) Then you have places people and items that have truly been imbued with negative energy and it is so heavy people just choose to stay away... the rickety old house on the corner that is rumored to have dead bodies haunting it. or the dark marshes in the stories you hear about human dieing, or even grave yards at night.  for the items that chair you just can't get out of even when chores are piling up"spirit draining your chi' ". human: it is either teen hormones or possession it may be menopause...or invasion of the body snatcher.

8) gypsies and sooth Sayers a breed all of their own I could learn a thing or two about and from them, they intrigue me. Yet I know nothing of their culture. The creation of  evil eye came from them I heard, or an old hag out in the biu of Louisiana by the name of Marie Levo'. If they ever come asking for blessing I would truly look it up for breaking curses and hexes. Yes, I have the books, intelligence and know how to try to help. 

My very first question to you is, are you a member of our coven or were you recommended, how did you hear of us?  I do not mean to be pompis or rude to anyone  sir/ madam I need these questions answered first please. So when you ask for a house and or a personal cleansed and aor blessed I need from you : (a) your personal belief system ? "I will assume your root teaching were christian or catholic unless you tell me otherwise"  (b) where is your root culture you are from? " If you do not know I will assume commun American person". (c) Do you work with tools of the vails or gateways of life and death- Magick? "they may just need to be cleaned and energized properly." (d) What friends do you have? "I will assume you are just a person who is lonely and wants to talk to someone." (e) what are your dietary needs ?" if you are a gluten and want me to pray you thin you are wasting my time" (f) Do you hear voices or see thing other people can't? " medication issues, oxigen problem to the brain or even a tumor could trigger this." (g) Why do you choose to do this act upon your house or person?" I will assume you just moved and you want the gods & spirits at peace with person and place together." (h) Are you  prone to group hysteria?  "I will assume yes and you bringing more than one to the meat I will think one coax the other of course unless told otherwise. **humans are fear based people. and I expect no less from anyone". (i) Do You have history personal or family of mental illnesses. " blessing you is great and your home as well., normal people scare me. there is no stigma here."

3) To those question why I need answers :

1) you came to me, that tells me you have a need. how can I help you? 

2) I need to understand what I'm in for if I go in I do not go half way.

3) I prefer just blessing the house but truthfully there are times you know there is more...

4) I need to know if you are kidding around" waste of my time".

5) your cultural upbringing may tell me what kind of entities  I may be dealing with.

6) I need to know the kind of human I am dealing with.


I like simple, little blessing ... they are quick and easy you know, 3 hrs max enjoying a spot of tea with the master of the home...