The Sicknesses/ Poisons of the Soul


As humans we typically fear what we do not understand. Death is, and always has been one of the great mysteries, and it is also one of few things in life that is an absolute. No living person knows or understands what happens to us after we die.  We simply know that it is going to happen... eventually. We don't know where we go, or if we will return as something/someone else. There are many religions that have ideas about what might happen after we die, but nobody knows for sure.

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I know a bit about that subject. Growing up my favorite saying around females was "Gotta love me, Mikey loves everybody"

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Avidya (moha)

It is one thing to be naive about things... you can be taught how to do it for the next time. You can be, and that is OK. The problem is when you choose not to learn on purpose. Then believe by using that knowledge you will succeed when you were told it was wrong. (You have heard the term you cannot fix stupid?)... turns out there is a cure but the person needs to lose the egoism before it can be done.Tricking yourself into believing it is correct... as the naked man walks down the street saying he is wearing clothing turns to someone and says How do my pants look?, truly thinking his pants look just fine and that is what he ask the judge when he walked into his chambers

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I am here to tell you about Raga: It is a poison /sickness in a person’s soul. Please, do not confuse it with Polyamory in any way. The monogamous folks would disagree with my statement, but hear me out and judge me after you have read my page. Raga is desire “lust" that you cannot get rid of very easy. Kind of like bed bugs. especially if you want to ignore the issues right front of you. It can happen to both women and men from early teens until ☠ death.

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Aggression/ Aversion Before I found myself, and before I got help, I personally was truly a reck. I destroyed my life a lot because of lame reasons that do not matter anymore. You know, simple stuff, like that person is breathing and I do not feel they should be... (I GOT HELP FOR THIS IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT WAYS!!!). I did not go there because I did not have a little anger problem, my life is just great... that is what I am told after they say why are you angry/ hostile? Anger management (what a joke for someone like me) I did that because someone wanted to fix me. When I was serious about my cure I did hard core inpatient therapy, medicated treatment, with classes (I believe those worked).I had a handle on it until my three week old daughter was thrown into a chair ... then I lost it. So, I went back to anger management to find out everyone has a trigger and seeing my daughter get abused was my trigger. I tried to make amends with her mother but after years of trying I gave up. We do not fight anymore, and we keep our distance from each other. I have been at peace ever since.Aversion is the match to the flame of Aggression. You have a cause and effect as I understand it. Aversion is the devil on your shoulder. You need to ignore that little guy because he talks to insecurity, jealousy, greed, and all the other negative feelings. These things start breaking down your mental health.

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These are the five poisons that can kill you as you can see there are many different ways to notice each thing  they are written first Sanskrit then explained in english.

If you have a story to add that is relevant to what is written than we will post what you have. please, refrain from negative words of swearing out . This kind of thing will not get it published on our site. We hear it out there we do not need it here. Anger management, alcoholics anonymous, sex addicts of all sorts, and other fears in these realms of thought.

What are the signs something is going wrong inyour life what do your rules say? Is it carma your look at, or three fold goal or what?

The otherside is real, there are wee ones

lads and lasses I am here to tell you of the wee  (little) people the chrystle Ilse, or field of green and how the veil of the after this life hides them. The children to day call it a dimension. A place  & people we can not see, nore feel or smell. Yet in this place we have smelled a smell that did not belong in that time or place, or objects have been moved or hidden and there is no earthly reason it should have moved. I be looking for imps, pixies, elves, & dwarves that some how slip through the vail. I know the veil exists and the only way to pass through is out of body fanominah, near death,drug use (uforeah), or death. Other people have died and come back they can tell you their stories and I know from personal experience they are around so look up your legend and lore to keep them happy. Those who are skeptic will tell you "we do not know about after death until we are dead." Believe or not believe it does not matter me either way, and when the wee one are ticked at you and the mischief  happens you can't say you were not warned.

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loki / Norse punishments

The story of loki and his punishments is well known through story and legend. Loki was tie to a rock in hell made by the Gods black smith and Mighty Oden Tied Loki to it for all time until Ragnarök comes.

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human's are so frustrating , but I still love them all. welcome to my dark side.

Care as we Know it now:

Over the years I have see things change so much folks, In the hospitals form what I seen in the old days rich poor or even middle class it did not matter what you were , if you needed care they took care of you. Now only the rich or people with credit get care of any worth. My father a hard wiring blue collar worker ripped tendons in his arm... THE DOCTOR SAID "You are to old for me to treat you" I found ound dad was having money problems and he never had good credit since I was a boy. So How should I feel when they do not except a necessary surgery un yet when a Child under 21 walks in with cash/ credit wow, now I am the opposite sex. That proves the hole world is money talk and 463574365498 walks. When I was a cna we seen all levels of income. I am sorry I lost respect for my own profession. I once loved it, but now my head hangs low. I apologize to the professionals who still believe in the old ways, these statements are not for you. 

As a man of  spiritual service I swear You come before my pocket book in "MOST" cases no matter your financial level or where your credit stands. Hustlers will be delt with. We will help where we can. Hustlers steel from you, and when they hustle us they not only do to it to us, they also do it to you because that is how we were going to help you.(A lot of things we do for you we do not charge any one.) So Please, understand if we can not help at the time. When we are complete we will be able to help you with all of your spiritual needs.

A tom boy is a tom boy... play with the boys, IT IS OK it does not mean you are a real boy... Pinocchio syndrome is what I would all this " I WANT TO BE A REAL... ..." 

jiminy cricket " outside sources of conscious are not real",  but the other influences are. "Oh my other two friend are that way so I want to do it." example: Drinking

when you walk down the street then you did not need to fear people touching you on the shoulder. Our young adults scare every bit of who I am... when we grew up if we had half the thoughts they had we would either be incarcerated, put in the psych hospital, or have the daemons drawn from our bodies, or just get the crap kicked out us to hide our train of thought or even change the thought. Now the cutting and slash does not quit and the people who are wrong are the ones who like as few cut on the human body. " homosexual is homosexual," why do you need to cut on yourselves... their is a disease I heard of, they actually named it but, I do not remember the name but it is out there. (you mangle your body with surgery to change themselves because, there is something wrong with themselves.) Don't get me wrong I will support your freedom of choice with your own body.  What Does your chi look like after the mutilation of your body? I have to ask, "I am sure the patient in the beginning they would say (oh, I am great ... I feel like who I was supposed to be.) children in the future? doing this are you thinking that can be done? science from what I see how no know how yet making any of it natural. I AM NOT RIDICULING  YOU, BUT AS A OLDER MINISTER I HAVE TO ASK  "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING & WHY  ARE YOU WANTING TO BE THE LAST OF YOUR DIRECT BLOOD LINE , I MEAN TRUTHFULLY IS YOUR FAMILY THAT  EVIL?"  By stopping your bloodline does that disrespect/ dishonor  your family, elders, and generations from long before. remember I stand behind you but, If I do You need to know how I truly feel. Now I have said my piece. with or without the surgeries you will be loved for who your true spirit says you are.

Since my biological daughter was young her first mother has promoted a different lifestyle, so I am waiting for her to come to me and say dad I want this. It will break my heart even more then when I lost her to our divorce and the crap that happened. I will support and try to teach my daughter no matter what kind of mental illness she shows. My Kin and Kindred will get my love and support and as a coven member you are Kindred.


Since we are an organization that is built for the preservation of family I feel I need to say, first off you are kindred to us and you are loved. You need to understand we are will to try to help you through the issues you may have. Shoot he the other day a man I knew learn how Bdsm works for people but other people snub it.  another example a couple/ few people learned of polyamory these things freed them inside, knowing where they belong. YOU CAN NOT SAY YOU BELONG NO WHERE! We will find your soul, spirit, mind, and feelings a home to be at peace with itself in a Pagan manner.

You may be doing something wrong for your "soul" by your personal standards, why can't We help and get it fixed so you are on the right path for you. When You come to us for help you are our kindred (as long as we are not being scammed.)

If you are looking at marriage or divorce there are two song I need you to listen to first then evaluate your decision please. (1) Grandpa tell me about the good old days by the Judd's  (2) R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  by Aretha Franklin. After you have clearly hear the message in both those song call the office (231) 252-2165 or contact me on my field number (231) 492-8217 A.S.A.P. and we will try to work it out. have ready your name, need, why you need, and we can work on the how together. Before you cast a dark feeling about anything please read through the areas here you have question about. Call at any time... please understand we are in bed from 2100 hours (9:00 p.m.) to 0500 hours (5:00 a.m.) so it might take a minute to get to the phone, or text us at

If you are sick (noncontaguous  please) We will try to come see you. If it is something like cancer, heart disease, or an s.t.i./s.t.d. We will try to help with whatever we can do and always pray for you from each one of our faiths so you have prayers, chants and incantations from around the world.  the song it's a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong comes to mind for a little peace of mind. Sound of silence by: disturbed  Personally, I want those song when people think of me instead of amazing grace. enough about me... what is going on with you?