a couple of support or people we have done business with recently

(01) Inc authorities and their partners from all over the U.S.                           

(02) JJ gold- net 30                                       

(03) Huntington bank -our institution 

(04) Rebelion Designs - designed a lot of our goods- we bought them out.   

(05) barkers bites- dog food connection                                      

(06) Grainger- net 30 (batteries)

(07) U.L.C. for our beginning teaching both sides (Christian company) affiliated for products.

(08) Duns & Bradstreet-net 30   company credit bureaus.                                          

(09) Nav technologies -net 30 company credit

(10) show gun roasting net 30 (coffee company)                     

(11) Gaia House Manistee female's rehab near Cadillac Michigan               

(12) Grewe Crew they do our resin/ candle sales

(13) 800Accountants    they do our accounts                             

(14) booths for the Buckley Engine show for product sales and representation for house of Pagan pride Inc and the Grewe crew- 3rd weekend in August. ** flea market**

(15) fetlife.com (in the Polyamorous sections) Look for DaMikial333 and that will be me. lots of good reading.