Religious Thoughts Across the World


Dates given to when Christians infected our homes of our ancestors polluting our people’s souls with monotheism from the ancestors and to polytheism … I was brought up to believe in the ancestors, you know what is good enough for my father is good enough for me, and that was a teaching from a Christian. Now I laugh shaking my head…

30-33 ad. the Havamal was put together

  • 380- 15th century they completed take over for the whole of Europe through the Baltics
  • 300 – 1000 Germany
  • 431 Ireland
  • 995- Viking shipping fleets
  • 999-1000 Iceland (writing of Christian bible were done 1200- 1270 ad)
  • 1095-1291 were the crusades / holy wars
  • Early 8th century Norwegian territories
  • 8th-12th century Scandinavian territories
  • Now they are in America coming from the old country even today.
  • The Writings that are presented here on this site a lot of people will and are worshiping the writings and follow it to a tee without questioning the truths behind the writings no matter what book or writing they have. We Have chosen to support all the pagan groups and as a teaching tool, we need to care for our community.
  • There is nothing more excepted other than Christian word because, paganism/ witchcraft was made illegal started by king George of England I believe. How can we Know the government has not corrupted our writings as well as their own books to hide paganism from the king. Now today do you question the writings being accurate from yester year. The practices done are done because of faith of monotheism. I am questioning if the church has had their hand in it when all our other books were written out of fear. For instance, the Havamal is said to be a poem yet I see a lot of poems in one book. Why is that?
  • The Havamal is a Norse writing and yet in stanza 155 talks negative about a lot of our people in our coven. In the Christian it is also against our kindred not just one stating they want us dead and accuse us of being posed and be a servant of Satan as Thow we believe in their faith to have an excuse to do so.
  • Stanza 115 talk against the polyamorous life and that hurts some of our other members.
  • How do I understand that is not to hide from the Government starting with king George of England to the United States so they do not get killed and tortured. What is the truth in it all. Was This writing accurate or was it altered for the Government to be governmentally acceptable.
  • Those are just two for examples from the Havamal. one poem written in stanzas to make many teachings for multiple groups of people. The other questions were the writers converts to the monotheistic words of their god.
  • By the time it got to us how many times was it altered. (Pure writings are preferred)


Each statement has a valid understanding to morals and dilemmas in this we are willing to use those words to help you with your faith and spiritual growth in who you are.



You are the Best at what you do. Correct? Your answer should be what? YES, of course. But how did you be come the best at what you do? I can tell you and I have four bullet points to show you no matter who you are this will always work in the end if you just do not give up on yourself.

  • The power to will: This believe I can and will be the best at “ABCDEFG” and this is how I am going to do it by…
  • The power to dare: I follow through on every thing I do tweaking and learn how to do it better and faster the competition making me the best.
  • The power to keep silent: This statement is more basic than you will ever know. To stay silent and listen to the world around you,
  • you will hear the comment about your work, and the praise or ridicule, and ways it may get better.
  • This also shows that you are not a know it all instead, you are just showing the facts of the work and reaping the beginnings of the rewards.
  • The power of conformation: No matter what you are doing in your life this is the key elements you will be living by so, the for and final is most important of all. SEE THE END RESULTS, DID IT WORK? Inventers, fortune tellers, witches, and everyone else need to do this last statement if you listen to nothing else.

In all my years of living the fundamental truth was looking me state in the face. Even as a young person this holds true for anyone

               Under the laws of every state in the world in current time the policy is do as you will,

               as long as You harm none: to keep the peace we as a pagan community follow this train of thought,      and only the gods know how hard it is for humans not to just kill what ever walks in their bad day. So, each pagan sect that I know follows some form of code conduct believe will work for their own people but it is all the same unless those people who know, follow, and pray on chaos to lead them. “Society even today does not tolerate.”

I personally have a hard time with this last one so I will NEVER BE A WICCAN. Our high Priestess is my wiccan in our house. My values are more toward protecting my kin, and kindred at all cost. That balance is more toward the Norse Gothi, or the Celtic druid during the great religious wars. Not to say my house do not have love, but you know everyone knows their role.

 This is also how we chose to run the company. Our community we hope will impress and delight you. Please enjoy all that we have to offer. We would like to hear about your story’s learnings, by teaching us of your coven if you will join us in our community.




Our basic needs come as food, water, warmth, and rest. Without these things you will not survive. You will do anything to get this unless you are truly broke in chi / spirit. 

 If you or your children are starving, then you would go against your core beliefs to get them or yourself fed. Without food after 4 days, you do not think straight, after seven to fifteen days you are either bed ridden and cannot talk, or you are dead. 

Without water your body starts shutting down and in three to seven days you will be dead with no fluids. 

Without warmth in your body, you will die. With this I add sex into the basic needs of humans, because sex will make heat and before man knew fire, we had each other. (Sex desire is different than having a true relationship.) I will get into that later in the writing. 

 without rest you will become deprived of brain function which will in turn will cause a lower quality of life to the point of death if it happens. Example falling asleep behind the wheel of a car.   


Security/ safety is important that your home (could as much as be as much as being next to a tree, a lake or in a house or in a Manchin it is where you feel safe.) family, property is safe. This is where you know you have that one place you will not be harmed from weather, predators, or just other people. This is where most people start working for things in their lives to secure what they do have. “Remember the grasshopper and the ant and tell me which one figured it out…life.” 


Belongingness is the need to be in a group or have friends of some sort or another. This is the desire to feel needed, and wanted by your peers, and members of the community such as the church Christian or pagan either one is a choice you can make. 

At this level you begin the romantics of a true relationship if you had not begun early. Getting a girlfriend, lover, wife, and or mistresses. This is what you concentrate on then you get children. 

Sex is mistaken quite often at this as a point of the pyramid as compassion or I belong to someone is normally felt in the first two layers of the pyramid. By the time you get to level three you should need that sense of belonging and feeling true Love having some self-control. 

This is where you choose to be polyamorous or monogamous by choice without fear of others condemning you for your choices in life. 


Esteem needs this is the feeling of accomplishment which will give prestige among your peers, and others around you. Example I got a premotion that raised my self-esteem and gave me a sense of accomplishments in turn have me the prestige in the community to be able to have pride in what I do. 



Self-fulfillment is achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities. 

For myself I am becoming one with my higher being/ inner self to be enlightened in the powers of heavens and earth to understand the meaning of why I am here and what the universe wants for me. For you it may be being the best husband or wife you can be. Perfecting what you have. 

 what you no longer need IS to gather and Concore but to learn from people, spirit, and thing around you to improve even more what you started with in the first place. 



1)What you choose to do with your life is up to you, these guidelines every student learned in civics class in school while I was growing up. 

2) Be careful of people who try to skip around on their path because that can hinder you in your lifestyle. 

3)If you do not know how to climb the pyramid there are people who can help you, and always remember to become a millionaire you do not follow a pulper.  

4)Your spiritual guides / leaders will help you if you ask and if they can in one form or another. 

5) If you teach your child to skip any of these steps they will fail and in turn you have failed as their guide in life. If you taught them and they ignore you that is on them 

6) When you have a level complete then you lose it, it will feel as though your world has ended, and you will do anything to get it back… be careful not to be taken by predators or thoughts of suicide. 

7) Understand that compassion toward your fellow man can help you in your climb to the top of your personal pyramid, and that it may enrich your life many folds over. Remember we are all on the same path. 

8) When you are having troubles remember the first point of life from your mother’s womb was breath, breathing is what you concentrate on when it gets tough. It will level out in your body. 

9) There are other paths or later to climb later after you get to the faith levels like the qabalah or your other religious orders, but remember this pyramid is what starts before anything. If you forget that then you may not succeed in your life.