This is the board of the company. We do not have a large staff because we are a donation-based company, so our board is small.

High priest and Priestess CEOS of the organization.

I want to be honest with you and say that these are not easy positions to hold. It would be dishonest and misleading to say that it is not worth every spiritual experience that we shared with all of you. We have learned so much from you and we are grateful for your support and dedication. These positions require a lot of commitment, sacrifice and courage, but they also offer a lot of rewards, growth and fulfillment.

HIGH PRIEST: A high priest is a chief priest of a religious or spiritual organization, especially in Paganism, where the high priest was the only one allowed to enter the holy of holies in the ancient temple. The high priest was also the head of the Levitical priesthood, which traced its origin from Aaron, the brother of Moses. In some Christian denominations, such as Mormonism, a high priest is a member of the Melchizedek priesthood, which is considered to be higher than the Aaronic priesthood. In other contexts, a high priest can also refer to a person who is a leading authority or expert in a certain field or movement, such as philosophy, art, or cuisine.

Lord Michael (Da) is the High Priest and founder of House of Pagan Pride Inc., a company that provides spiritual services and support to the pagan community. He is responsible for the legal aspects of the company, as well as the website design and maintenance. He is also the Pagan father and CEO of the company, leading the board of directors and overseeing the operations. Lord Michael offers layman counseling, priest activities, fund raisers, and charity functions for Grand Traverse County, where he is based. He also visits the sick, the dying, and the incarcerated to offer spiritual guidance and comfort. He performs weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies for his clients. Lord Michael is a dedicated and compassionate leader who strives to serve the pagan community with pride and honor.

HIGH PRIESTESS: A high priestess is a female leader or chief proponent of a certain religion, movement or doctrine. She possesses sacred knowledge, divine wisdom and intuitive abilities that allow her to access the hidden realms of the subconscious mind and the spiritual world. She is often associated with the goddess Inanna, the moon, and the tarot card of The High Priestess, which symbolizes her connection to the divine feminine and the mysteries of life. A high priestess may also be a chief priestess of a temple or a cult, such as Enheduanna, who was the high priestess of the moon god Nanna in ancient Mesopotamia.

Our high priest and priestess are not only the spiritual leaders of our coven, but also the executive directors of House of Pagan Pride Inc, a non-profit organization that promotes pagan values and culture. They welcome collaboration and input from other pagans across different regions and traditions, who can join the board and contribute their wisdom and skills to the success of the company. By working together, we can all grow and prosper as a pagan community.

Lady Selene is the high priestess and the chief operations officer of the company. She oversees the financial and administrative aspects of the business, as well as serving as a board member. She also performs the religious duties of a priestess in Grand Traverse County, where the company's headquarters are located. She advises the high priest and his wife on spiritual matters and has the authority to buy and sell from vendors with the board's approval.

breaking the spiritual chains in your life here is a thought before you call us.

When you as a person are looking not to hurt or be free from an emotional pain, I believe I can help you as a minister and a friend and I put myself on the line for you and who you are. We need to break the chains to your spirit/ chi' that is hurting. Again, I am telling you...If I believe I cannot help you, I will get help from other sources outside the coven if needed. I have researched about councilors for our kind of people, and if that does not work, I will help you find more if needed. If you are in need of religious council in the hospital, or jail we will be there for you as well. 


1) check your chi'... Where is your energy level? 

2) what is the problem

3) where are you coming from in your spirit

4) how can I help? if you don't know run to me and say, hey, I need help

5) I will send you to the areas that may be able help you. (Christian/witches, deals best with each other so they do not have uncomfortable feeling with what you are uncomfortable with.)