When I was a child it was nothing to have a house full of children calling my parent mom and dad "extended family: kindred you could say. Dad always called us his little monsters so we did not think any thing of it ...It was a term of endearment. I mean they did not go back to their parents as far as I know and say "they are my parents now not you." I am explaining to you is the way I was brought up, not with darling, love, baby, sweety, or hun you know intimate terms of endearment you would say to a girlfriend, feonsay, or any one of your wives violating your grounds of attachment to one another, disrespecting  your friend or family. When I was growing up you heard that and someone got their @#$ kicked. So when I use the German term Olma/Opa "translation Grandma,& Grandpa" that is a title and it show the elder status with in the community not a term of endearment. This is like when you call your friend bro...bra, or what ever you call them hey vato, que pasa man. "Hey, Doll "got you shot if that was someone else's girl. Their excuses of it is a nother land and I can't help it , I say good luck. Like I have heard red necks say "If you can't handle our ways than go back to where you came from". I spoke spanish  to a Hispanic person one time, And I was wrong and almost got my #$% kicked. Later that year I met a Cubin fellow who taught me how wrong I was to do such a thing. Mi amigo reminded me the respects of the old ways, ty jimmy " A southern elder as far as I was concerned." I stopped speaking spanish all together I know I was a pendejo, I am sorry to the nation,& for the disrespect of your people." Elders are Important teachers do not forget that, they know!!!!

In a lot of Pagan societies at the age of fifty you are considered an elder and, your duties are reduced with in the coven and you are looked upon with respect and dignity with the other generations after you coming to ask for your advice. Keeping your life and history going on throughout all time.

We in the pagan society  need to have a look at Maggie plachetka My mentor and friend, I have known her since I was 17.  She was a full blood German wiccan who migrated to America after w.w. II . In the war the was a spy "as the story is told" I only know her for the loving, kind  heart she had. She has a couple days left on Midguard and soon she will be somewhere in Valhalla. Olma, thank you for all that you have done for us here.  you are a beautiful women then, now and forever may the Valkyries give you the ride the Gods will never forget.  I loved Maggie as a kindred and even the gods can't take that from me.

I met her in a little flower shop that her and opa owned. In her words that is where I became one of her "brats". She was the first employer I had after a small run with the law, She gave me a job, there we became friends. That was a lot of moons ago and it even makes me feel old...lol. 

later on I met my fourth wife, and boy you know it Maggie "Olma" had touched her life as well. when we went to see olma she made me promise to protect her little girl and I did. a few months later we were married. I took my little one to meet her and with her gentle soft german eyes she ask me if she could count my daughter as one of her own. i will tell you right now my heart melted and of course I said yes. From before Snow knowing she was Olma, now it was official, and my wife witnessed it. Snowelle is in Maggie's "brat hood"as Olma gave her a Crystal necklace welcoming her into pack. Like I said folks she is someone I respect and adore in my kindred.  Olma was her title even to snowelle She Is one of our elders, loved and respected for the proud wiccan she was, is, and will ever be. You will be missed no matter if you are down the street, next store to us , or passed over and took the final ride... We love you Olma


I would like to know, How do you honor your elders