Coven business: what we get paid for and donations.

Ceremony / Celebration / Event MEMBER Price NON-MEMBER Price
Adult membership fee for new arrivals N/A (already a member) $100
Adult membership – annual renewal $50 N/A
Birth, naming, and blessing done at the same time $120 $150
Child naming done at another time $40 $50
House cleansing and blessing $150.00 $200
Coming of age blessing (Child) FREE N/A
a. physical/spiritual blessing Included in Coming of age N/A
b. paganing (choosing your path) Included in Coming of age N/A
c. joining the coven Included in Coming of age N/A
d. choosing your spiritual /coven name. Included in Coming of age N/A
Blessing of person and their paganing (Adult) FREE N/A
Hospital, home non-contagious visits Phone call to set up a visit Phone call to set up a visit
Jail, prison, house arrest visits Phone call to set up a visit Phone call to set up a visit
* Required before marriage* Prenuptial & marriage agreements with marriage counseling $200 $250
Handfasting/ Weddings (Legal): $300 per wedding $400 per wedding
Group parties and company bonding (coven only) $200 certificate included N/A
Coven parties (celebrations) organized by the coven FREE to Attend By invitation
Coven parties NOT organized by the coven Amount to be determined when contracted By invitation
Last rights, and funeral preparations $150 $300
Funerals at venue of choice or grave site $300 $400
Someone to talk to (Layman’s Counseling) - May refer you to someone else if it is beyond our capabilities to assist you. FREE $100 per visit / call
a. When you need someone to listen Included in Layman's Counseling Included in Layman's Counseling
b. After a loved one passes Included in Layman's Counseling Included in Layman's Counseling
c. When you feel confused or alone Included in Layman's Counseling Included in Layman's Counseling
d. Anything else you need to talk about Included in Layman's Counseling Included in Layman's Counseling
ANY OTHER ceremony/celebration/etc. Amount to be determined when contracted
Teachings are free we do not charge for that it is online FREE TO ALL FREE TO ALL
Donations to improve the community At the discretion of the donor At the discretion of the donor
Sales of products by the coven depends upon the item
ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE due to mileage, time of year, and corporate decision WITHOUT NOTICE 08/06/2023 - current revision date


One of our big sellers for the week is T-shirts $30.00 each. Available in colors other than black by request. If you are interested in a bulk order of 20 or more T-shirts it will be $20.00 each. The person who sells the most shirts in a month will be Employee of the month. (Prizes will be discussed at our next monthly meeting)

All proceeds, checks, credit/ debit cards, and money orders need to be made out to House of Pagan Pride Inc. Cash will be paid to the salesperson who will give it to the main office. Please keep receipts to turn in with paid orders and remember to give the customer their copy.

           Black and white is the coven colors for the T-shirts                                                                                                               jewelry is not included in the sale of the shirt.

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laser engravings are coming soon and prices vary 

A laser printer was granted to us on loan so that the coven could make money to support the coven. 

WE are hoping to learn this by the end of june at the latest mid july. At that time we will be put the best

art out for display for our community to help us decide to keep going with that extension of our coven/ community.

Donations and final sales to House of Pagan Pride Inc go to:

All donation will be taken to Huntington Bank, and tell them it is for House of Pagan Pride Inc. savings account, Treasurer is Selene grewe that should be excepted. If it is for one of our programs you need to call our office and let us know what it is for. If you are paying anything to any of us by credit card we except all major credit cards, zell, pay pal please contact the main office for payment, please. our workers carry no cash for the coven at any time. 

Donations and other payments we support and where they are going too. 

visiting ailing people at home or the hospital.

spiritual assist for the incarcerated people.

helping the family for your final ride to the next life

To donate to the coven please sales and the account is set up there. 

If you choose to donate time please contact the main office (231) 252-2165 ask for Mike or Selene and they will guide you to where you need to be.

Our paid Items do get you money, and you are responsible for your own taxes.

We keep track of all your volunteering time to it can help you with your taxes as well.

(B) If you can get it approved it will go for to your work release program for rehabilitation to return to  community. This may be a good thing for getting out on good behavior giving you skills you may work with later..

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  1. Coven growth in general- Keeping several functions free.
  2. NA,AA,SA, spiritual support
  3. Veteran assistance and appreciations of our humans protecting us
  4.  rehab programs for employment opportunity
  5. (lawn mowing to laser work and more.)
  6. Polyamorous family care (we do support multi-family living...) Today it is hard to live with out extra people in your homes. "The room mate".
  7. Housing and clothing the homeless. (WE ARE NOT A DROP SITE.)
  8. jail house, ministry guiding our people the way they choose.
  9. Hospital care for all the people  in our community please specify to where or who the money is going too.
  10. sales from any art need to go through the artist we are just the gallery and we want to see your art as well as long as you follow our rules of display. 

**  All credit card info is disposed of once the deposit is made., no information is kept.

  ** if there are any other donation or projects you want us to look into please feel free to inform us .


You are the Best at what you do. Correct? Your answer should be what? YES, of course. But how did you be come the best at what you do? I can tell you and I have four bullet points to show you no matter who you are this will always work in the end if you just do not give up on yourself.

  • The power to will: This believe I can and will be the best at “ABCDEFG” and this is how I am going to do it by…
  • The power to dare: I follow through on every thing I do tweaking and learn how to do it better and faster the competition making me the best.
  • The power to keep silent: This statement is more basic than you will ever know. To stay silent and listen to the world around you,
  • you will hear the comment about your work, and the praise or ridicule, and ways it may get better.
  • This also shows that you are not a know it all instead, you are just showing the facts of the work and reaping the beginnings of the rewards.
  • The power of conformation: No matter what you are doing in your life this is the key elements you will be living by so, the for and final is most important of all. SEE THE END RESULTS, DID IT WORK? Inventers, fortune tellers, witches, and everyone else need to do this last statement if you listen to nothing else.

In all my years of living the fundamental truth was looking me state in the face. Even as a young person this holds true for anyone

               Under the laws of every state in the world in current time the policy is do as you will,

               as long as You harm none: to keep the peace we as a pagan community follow this train of thought,      and only the gods know how hard it is for humans not to just kill what ever walks in their bad day. So, each pagan sect that I know follows some form of code conduct believe will work for their own people but it is all the same unless those people who know, follow, and pray on chaos to lead them. “Society even today does not tolerate.”

I personally have a hard time with this last one so I will NEVER BE A WICCAN. Our high Priestess is my wiccan in our house. My values are more toward protecting my kin, and kindred at all cost. That balance is more toward the Norse Gothe,’ or the Celtic druid during the great religious wars. Not to say my house do not have love, but you know everyone knows their role.

 This is also how we chose to run the company. Our community we hope will impress and delight you. Please enjoy all that we have to offer. We would like to hear about your story’s learnings, by teaching us of your coven if you will join us in our community.