who are u?

Published on 30 June 2023 at 10:23

who are u?

We are who we are and people say I am different  then my parents/families. At the age of 13 for my family it starts and we are tormented through our teen years until we are ready to move out ( dad/mom I know what it is all about). When you are beyond that time you may take the time to see who you were, and where each thing/ action comes from that you have or do.

I drink from a chalice, pray to the moon in each phase, or your one god, and My friends sit around talking politics. I may believe you are an aristocrat.

I drink from a horn, I pray to the Gods, and my friends around me talk helping others and protecting family.  I believe you are a Norse men.

I work hard every day, no time for faith, yet I wear a 3 peace suite and my motor car fancies a good wash. where am I from? So what do they do?

These are things that you should think about when you think about your self and who you are. (1) location you are (2) the people you are around (3) your finance

(4) How you dress (5)  Religion.

Here is the examples I have for you. My parents are multi- faith Christians, monogamous, blue collar workers, and fixes everything for everyone, and have multiple children . My Grand parents on my fathers side were monogamous, Methodist Christian, blue collar Engineer at GM, Multiple children, and both grand parents came from farms.*Now me : I am Pagan, raised Norse, studies celtic, and wiccan, CEO of a company, I am polyamorous, I have one living child I know of, I live in the suburbs, and I am the only one who has not seen the war first hand, I took care of the aftermath when the soldiers were at home after the war. Three generations, and some of the changes I can show You. (my grandfather I see as an Aristocrat, my father as a laborer, & My self religious pagan council.) These three levels of my family lived totally on american soil.

You can't tell me you were not raised by some form of human good, bad, or indifferent. my coming of age came in the woods during the autumn season (hunting)  Personal growth ritual done in my family for generations. Christmas was celebrated as christians did but I know now it is a Norse New year. Mom and dad both celebrated mother's day and father's day. look at the Norse calendar and you tell me what I should be. all the stuff in the middle hides where you come from and who you are. You need to pick your personal energy out  of all the confusion to truly see who you are to tell your own story in life.

Your faith and how you are raised in part comes from how you were raised  each faith. Pagan life has a bit of your faith hidden within it. Look at the faith you were raised in than the culture that came from. Then you know your roots. (As a pagan We have been hunted, and killed all over the world, So our people went into hiding teaching our children pagan life in the gize of the christian church. Not that they wanted us either. So who are you to you?

English/ Italy/ roman = Catholic, /druid, bards

Germanic /Norwegian /Scandinavian = Lutheran or Methodists, Catholic / Norse

Irish scotland =Lutheran /Catholic Norse,norns, and celtic druids

American =catholic, Methodist, lutheran, Baptist/ southern Baptist = Neopagan of all kinds


before that 100 years started they told pagan's convert or die if they give you a chance to convert at all before they kill you.

This has been done in the last 100 years, yet  we question why they want to kill us? They have plenty of people to kill.

Baptist gave birth to the kkk to which hates Catholic, other people they did not find worthy for example African Americans,and criminals in the united states.

Methodist kill Lutheran's in Ireland and scotland

Natzi's/ Arabs killed jews 

and so on... what will be will be. Family first, loyalty with love, and Death with honor. Can you see where this statement rings true for me.

I want to make it clear I do not agree with Christian paganism, it is fence sitting.  

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