poem 01

Published on 22 July 2023 at 06:06


A poem written years ago:
Lonely Still
I sit here thinking of what would be nice,
The thoughts flow more than just once or twice.
Alone with my thoughts as has been so long the case,
Too many images of loneliness to erase.
How to change my view I can not seem to see,
Things escape my senses , logic seems to flee.
Why must I live my life in this lonely solitude,
I try to stay happy and kind with no attitude.
It is said that all have somewhere a mate,
But, over the years I tire of the wait.
What my life's work is to be , I do not know,
Slowly I grow to no longer care and no longer grow.
No sense of true love and none with to share,
Reasoning gives no answers why, its so not fair.
Those who know me deep inside,
Have seen me when I have cried.
None believe I will forever be alone,
All from my nature and my care I have shown.
My senses tell me my future is not as others,
The world I serve, my sisters and brothers.
Self is last in deservence and attention give,
To do for others is why I live.
Not by choice or desire is this my fate,
The gods have chosen this path I take.
I give freely to those who accept what I can not have,
I give care and knowledge , that’s all I have.
To be with someone is a dream out of reach,
Mine is not to receive but give and teach.
For years of my life gone by,
I see my end and still don’t know why.
My end will be as my life has been,
Facing what will be on my own.
Awaiting my time with my shadow near,
Fighting to face it with no fear.
My mind whispering against my will,
Your time has come and you are lonely still

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