The otherside is real, there are wee ones

Published on 28 July 2023 at 13:00

lads and lasses I am here to tell you of the wee  (little) people the chrystle Ilse, or field of green and how the veil of the after this life hides them. The children to day call it a dimension. A place  & people we can not see, nore feel or smell. Yet in this place we have smelled a smell that did not belong in that time or place, or objects have been moved or hidden and there is no earthly reason it should have moved. I be looking for imps, pixies, elves, & dwarves that some how slip through the vail. I know the veil exists and the only way to pass through is out of body fanominah, near death,drug use (uforeah), or death. Other people have died and come back they can tell you their stories and I know from personal experience they are around so look up your legend and lore to keep them happy. Those who are skeptic will tell you "we do not know about after death until we are dead." Believe or not believe it does not matter me either way, and when the wee one are ticked at you and the mischief  happens you can't say you were not warned.

Each of the cultures around the world have their own wee ones of different names and shapes, but are still the wee one. People that walk between the vails understand this. 

The field of green, crystal isle, the many layer of heavens/ hells are all thought of what is after death. My time between the veils seemed like yesterday and I still hear the voices some times  from when I was dead, but it does not get me anymore. I drowned in the Manistee river when crossed over and I was brought back. I can tell you there are the voices in the darkness of death. So tell me there is no wee people, heaven hell, field of green or even the crysle isle please understand from where I stand I am not wrong.

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