Mike's Darkness

Published on 1 April 2023 at 12:57

Mike's Darkness

My true shame is how lazy I became while hiding my faith from the Christians while I grew, and I can not Be a Gothi/ High priest of any faith until I sharpen my skills back up. Until then I am proud to be the CEO and Part of the pagan community. If you consider   me a High priest I am honored and licensed to do your services for you, and will do all The duties You need and request of me. I will always be their for true pagan folks (my kindred). I am the first Priest of House of Pagan Pride Inc and am proud of that fact, that is why I except when people call me the high priest or Da (father) Yes, I am the Da of this house, and I will always do my best to serve you as my Kindred... Including tough love if needed.

You will see a lot of unrest about the Christian occult around our community. Because they promote splitting families up " we are doing what's best for your family" then not allowing you to see your kids for months. If not forever. Then when and if they come back your child is ruined, and your other half has renounced you and brings in one of them. 16 yrs. later my daughter hates me, and it started with them. Now buying her love is the only way to get her attention, taught by her "mother".

The garbage did not start there, it started long ago when I was just a wee lad of just 17 myself, spy and full of Christian vigor (yes, I said Christian) Pentecostal to be accurate. that summer day I went fishing with my father, brother and other kindred, and us boy went for a swim away from the boats, and in a pair of blue jeans. "Do not swim in pants if you can help it." about ten minutes into the swim I went under the water and next thing. I was leaving Midgard and going elsewhere, I seen the boat where my twin was screaming to be saved through the green of the water when it all went into the blackness. I just herd the voices around me, not that I could understand but then they sent me back to a place I knew I did not want to be. Next thing I knew I had a recue fire fighter pounding on my back getting the water out of my lungs at the bottom of a boat.

for about a month thing went great than because of issues I am not allowed to discuss, nor do I want to. I was incarcerated, and after my probation I was supposed to be able to start a normal life. during this time, I was more and more angary about being on Midgard and being a teenager along with the hate rid from people showed at school, so I quit school. People at their church stopped talking to our family unless they had to you know "look out here come the Grewe family, oh shoot it is too late." Then mom and dad took us down state to live then had to move around a lot. We moved from family member to family member waring out our welcome until we moved back up north.  My sister moved in with a reverend to finish school. While the rest of us were on the move... (Through this whole time my parents proclaimed the Christian occult is the only way of life, no matter what branch it was.) We switched churches a lot until dad found the right one. When we moved, he stopped going but they still proclaimed it to be the only way of life.

during this time, I had started dating, I was on my third girlfriend by that time, and I wanted to hang with my lady. My Father with his size a 2x4 proceeded to show me my need to go to his church by coming at me with it, so I ran to the car and said nothing the whole time I did not want what would have come next if I did not follow his words. While this is going on he states, "A LOT OF TIMES HE WISHES THEY HAD NEVER PULLED ME FROM THE WATER." After that my father made my female go back to her family for me to never see her again.

In fact going back to 17 years of age I went on a bike ride the cops picked me up at 4am. to see my first girl I thought I ever would love for ever... 

cupid struck (I was a sap). "It was a long distant relationship you know" so this started the poly life that I have seen and heard about all my life and was never introduced to it formally but back then I just knew it as life." they took me to the station and called dad because they knew dad not that I knew this, and this was before my other run in with the law. They could have got me for run away, but dad talked them out of it because he liked humiliation me better, Life moves on. 

by the age of 18 I was finally on probation and in yet another town living with mom and dad.  surprising in that time, being at home by then you are considered a looser. I on probation, home with mom and dad until I was twenty-one years old. and graduated school finally. That summer I moved out of mom and dads to hang out with friends and sleep where I could. I could finally start being me after all the torment, so I got money and bought a witch's bible and that was my start into paganism and what my parent's called the occult.

I met my first wife while I was working the carnival at booths. she "was" catholic, but still a sweet innocent lady to who I totally loved. then two years later I found legal wife number two. she was agnostic Christian. I was with for 8years later we parted ways then I took 2 solid years staying away from women all together. Those were some dark times. to sum up my married I committed infidelity again. "a few times"... saying in jest.  doing as I was taught by my family when I was young. Then comes my daughter mother who started poly, went to monogamy, then back to solo poly. after she contacted protective services and we had a few visits, she turned to me this is my revenge on you. I was confused as she took our daughter away and hid in the women's recourse center as she is getting Christians to take care of my child trying every stunt she can to let me even have my legal time of visitation, then when I did have my time she made sure my Christian family took care of her, and I was not allowed to be a parent like I was supposed to be for years... Then I met wife number 3 she seemed to be wiccan but between us the vibe just was not right she we were married for a couple of years then I asked for the divorce. We figured we were better friends then primaries and you know it has worked for both of us we still love each other and someone else so it makes our live easier to because joy did not like us together. I do not want her to take of my daughter and when I was allowed to see my child, we had a long rocky road being parents.  Now I am on wife number four. We are polyamorous (she taught me what poly was and what it should be.) and we are still together. during that time, I began to bring it all together and do a heritage hunt into pagan life. Not separately anymore.

after My father dying saying he wanted no pagan praying him while on his death bed. I prayed for him any how then, I washed my hands of him. throughout my life the things I know about him and do not talk about you would not wonder why there is not a lot of love lost. People think we were close. I say "yah. close enough to poison me in my sleep. The rest of his issues are his, and not mine. I will not pay for the sins of my father.

I AM NOT CHRISTIAN FOR NO ONE! I am totally and forever a pagan/heathen person on my own and I will live with my truths as I know them. My Gods stand with me and teach and guide me to help myself and others therefore that is what I do. For a while I tried to defy the gods, and I found out that did not work. What I am saying is it took a while to realize my life is turning left on a right side of the road, so I stopped and asked the gods what's next, so they led me here.

What I find wrong in Christianity I have seen my whole life and I cannot see that path for me. They raise their own pagans and then they say what did I do so wrong that you defy our teachings of the church blast Feimer, heretic, you are the judas of our family...so on and so forth. Then You get to play the part of miss goody and trying to convert innocent pagan folk to your corruption and insanity. My favorite is when they are born into the occult, and they brain wash them from birth. That child never had a chance to learn who he /she was without the pain of defying the church. " When I checked out my Celtic heritage and druidism I was deemed as doing works of the devil."

Even my wives knew what I was when we got married wife number one was catholic, but she allowed my alter in my basement. I don't know if she knew about my sexual practice until I left her, because of it. then wife number two just said "my faith was hooey", but she tried to support me with it because she knew it put me at piece to study the culture my people come from. Later on. I found out she supports the Christian way of being. Shortley after she found a list, I was keeping because of a scare I had we were divorced. Wife number three I know she at least dabbled in the craft but never actually seen her work the craft in front of me. She even knew about my sexual practices stated she did not want the divorce; in fact, she still keeps in touch with me. Wife number four thought me about poly life and what it means to be. I will talk more about it later. As you are about to find out in the next area Why each event happened. If they any one of them came to me they will not be turned away, and wife number three did come, and I did not turn her away and we both tried to help her. My primary and I agreed on My decision. As for sexual acts we have rules about that as well.


All my life right from my first crush kin or kindred made moves or hit on all my women from beginning till now, and I know it will never stop. Then after I left them, those same humans got something from it. This is called monogamy... Thank you very much, if that is the case polyamory is 100% more honest than what monogamy ever was and not even half the be trail, I received while trying to be monogamous "Alot of the time that I failed at." From the time of my first crush when my twin was hitting on her in the kitchen, while I Took a knife to his mattress and when asked what happened I said, "I don't know. " My brother found out what happened and denied the whole thing. 

Learning of the sexual acts within the gods' pantheons that made since to me then I was made in the image of my maker. So, all your creepy little people who think you are better than me. I got something to tell you... "I WAS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF MY MAKER AND I AM THE WAY SUCIETY AND MY GODS MADE ME" So I know in my soul the way I am now is the way it was supposed to be NOT MONOGAMY.

we now take you to my current wife each time it happened with kin or kindred, and you would be surprised what I hear before and after learning about polyamory. I can tell you that now that learned this way of life, I am now more content with self and the people I am with than ever before. If I had not changed my ways, I would be in prison married to a man named Gary, I truly do love females, sorry Gary maybe next time."

Even now you don't know what life will bring you, because I am not going to prison for him or his kin neither." When my wife gets tired of it, she says something, if he/ she are not compliant to my primary, my primary talks to me than it is handled by me/ us. We know what humans wanted out of us, and we except that for as long as we have. Therefore, we also accept each other in total love, and honesty as one weather we have the two of us or twelve of us, we will always and forever be one. Her and I share the same fate, so we share the same loves together with trust and honesty bound with loyalty and love. She will be the death of me now weather it is at 55 or 95 she will be who I die for and if We have other permanent lovers' "spouses" I would die for them as well. We are family and, in my clan, we live and die by a code: family first, loyalty with love, Death with honor. That is what my house is based on, not shifting sand or whimsical thoughts of fancy to make my house fall.


I CAN'T ANY HOW. Now you can understand poly-fidelity Is what I may except but to me Monogamy is a very bad word, and you should be punished for even thinking it. In These days my clans name is coming to an end so I will live my life under my rules, and I will die with my pride in my house. I have only had two children and both girls, so I had to except name to be gone after my death. I WILL DIE WITH HONOR, PAGAN AND PROUD. I excepted my five stepchildren as my kindred/clan and I know of only one who excepted me, yet she cannot carry my name. it has been with the people I have and help with trying be there for each of you until my time with you was done.

As a priest I will teach the words that are taught to me with the trust that the word is correct as it can be. For those that do not believe, So, mote it be. 




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