Published on 10 June 2023 at 09:46

This is to give guidance to the people in the jails that do preferred not to deal with Christian people.

I have herd so many people say they go to Christian's services just because they are bored and it gets

them out of their cells. Why can't we go, and help our brethrens spirit, and give them a little light in

this dark hour they are in, or prepare them for what comes next. We Know our heathen brother hood

is there to stand with them when it is time. Norsemen, Celts, Pagans,and wiccan alike we need to stand

with one another.

We need to get involved in our counties and make sure that all of them are taken care of. By doing this you 

need to go to your county jail house and get the proper paperwork and send it to the office via e-mail, or txt. 

we will then fill out the forms and get you availability to our people as soon as possible.  As far as I know as

a minister we are allowed to visit the parishioner who is there in county corrections almost any time we decide.

REMEMBER: WE are there to council not flirt, or have conjugal visits. We Are There help them get through it.

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