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Published on 10 June 2023 at 10:53

Weather it is a broken heart  of a young persons  dreams, a family counseling, all the way to  the addiction counseling of every sort. We as a religious pagan community go to our gothi's, high Priest's and priestesses or even the family druid we also go to our elders or even the ancient from respect of the life they lived and the knowledge they have...

UNDERSTAND 20 YEARS OLD DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ELDER. There is a time to show that wisdom of the years you have lived and the people who respect our ways will also understand the line that has been drawn from adult to elder. Even our elders respect the other elders older than them.

We at the house of pagan pride inc understand there are levels of  "issues " we can not handle then we do send it up the line to whom can handle it depending on severity and the deeds done in this service being done. Understand You as a petitioner What you say in my council I can guarantee it will not reach  streets. If we are in the street and you said hey I done coke last week and had sex with my pet. THAT IS NOT IN  "CHAMBERS" NOT MY FAULT YOU YELD IT ACROSS THE STREET SO THE NEIBORHOODS COULD HEAR YOU. To expect that to be private you would have to be a fool ... I have a phone as do all my staff, and I have an office We can go too or any of the web sights to contact us to set up a meeting.

just letting you know   (231)252-2165 main office. A counseling can be called in or E-mailed to 

Female chat : (231) 620-6217  or you can come here on the sight at any time and post there is only the main office that reads it.


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