This is a personal thing for the families naming babies are magickal for the stars, numbers, and so much of the swish of his/ her pen. Shoot even the time and date of birth with the attachment of place on the planet. This area is just for the child's name, for next faze is the coven  name. all these things are part of a persons growth. 

In some cultures the child is not named for quite some time after birth. What does your culture believe in doing for a child born to you and are you allowed to have twins or will the second one be killed for being a demon.

To give you an example "1920 & 1930", A white male, and a nonwhite female hooks up, and she gets pregnant after word she calls him jamaul from the roots he came from. As you know The boy looks white. On either side of the traxs was he accepted? I will say it this way he was hated for not being white or non-white on both sides. So when you name your child think about that when you name your child. You say this is no longer the 1930's, but I say to you there are still groups and people of old age who don't take kindly to outsiders into their cultures. 

When my daughter had her coming of age that is when she  was free to except her coven name. My daughter has her name by choice and  you need to understand each family has different rituals for each child. Shoot some do not even think of it at all. We are happy to help you with both namings, crisonings and every other ritual  in yours and your child's life.