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Published on 4 November 2023 at 07:47

more than 90% of the men and women today with a disability have experienced a sexual assault of one form or another.

16-30 % of the boys being abused will be before they are eighteen years of age.

In the United States there are 360,000 men raped in prisons every year. only 20% reported being hassled in the prison system about sexual favors.

A person that has been attacked is likely to end up with PTSD. (Post traumatic disorder) along with other physical and emotional issues from the experience.

the common results of a person who has his issue happen to them. examples: fear of feeling they do not appear to be unmasculine, questioning their own sexuality, Homophobia, sense of shame or feelings of denial.

 Under the old order when LGBTIQQ+ community were being shunned it was easy to hide these things because they could keep it hidden and behind closed doors. The old system made the victim feal powerless and weak, so they felt they were un excepted by the community because of this. 96-98% of the assaults are done male to female with the heterosexual society. The other 4% are male to male assaults, that 4% A lot of people overlook. Majority poles state that 5-10% of males will experience being raped oral, anil, or vaginal in their lifetime as a child and or an adult. 97% of the assaults were male assailants 3% were female. 98% of the male assailants were claiming to be heterosexual, and over 80% attacked boys and young men. More than half of the assaults were under the age of twelve out of that every 7 victims were under the age of six. 26% of the assaults were under the age of twelve and 8% were assault victims ages 12-17 are all boys. Each year 834,000 men were sexually assaulted by their partners.

6% of the assaults done by women were on juveniles and 1% were done to adults. Females tend to use persuasions over brute force.

In the United States 1993 marital rape became a crime in all 50 states. Most assaults are marital, but these are the ones who are less likely to seek medical attention.

woman who is raped by her husband is likely to react just like it was a complete stranger.   (DOJ 1998) 76% of women who were raped or physically assaulted since the age of 18 were also assaulted by current husbands, live ins, or boyfriends. 45.9% of the women who reported the abuse also reported being raped. The females that report being raped multiple times 51.2% was done by the same partner.

In the "gay" community it is so understudied about the abused there is no results to the abuse rates in a same couple in the United States yet as of 1996 studies from the Haworth press. Besides that, in several states it is still on the books that some of their activities are still illegal " behind the woodshed kind of stuff."

In 2000 between 1/3- 2/3 of the women raped were under the age of 15(reports ending violence against women). one out of five children dating in school report being physically or sexually assaulted. 13.33% college females complained that they were being forced to have sex. 70% of the women who were sexually assaulted knew their assailants.


please understand I feel these stats are kind of outdated because not all the communities and sites I have been too I feel is old.


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