Published on 23 April 2023 at 13:34

I am here to tell you about Raga: It is a poison /sickness in a person’s soul. Please, do not confuse it with Polyamory in any way. The monogamous folks would disagree with my statement, but hear me out and judge me after you have read my page. Raga is desire “lust" that you cannot get rid of very easy. Kind of like bed bugs. especially if you want to ignore the issues right front of you. It can happen to both women and men from early teens until ☠ death.

Without naming people, I will tell you all my life I have had to deal with raga of one form or another, and the effects it had on me tore me up until not too long ago... It was kin, kindred, and people I never knew, that were either hitting on, flirting with, or just down right having sex behind my back with my significant other. I would find out later from them or from others about them. This started with my first crush, and even now, it is still happening to this day, even after a few deaths. I know it will never stop. So, it will be, what it will be. 

I have seen the adult entertainment industry destroy men; from well to do rich guys taking a client out, to the schmuck sitting on the edge of the road because he could not get rid of the porn of one sort or another. My shame was helping that industry by taking my friends in to get jobs dancing and showing my support, but at that time it is what I knew. As far as my dealing with porn, I have lived with it all my life. It is a long story, but to make it short, in the last hours of his life I knew someone who had to have his porn before he died. I will never have porn in my house again and when anyone brings it in to my home it will be requested to go "The porn king is dead" We do not have that here, please leave.

These are good examples of Raga, please learn from this and do whatever you can to find a cure quick. 

This was my cure:

My current wife told me about polyamory and then I looked into it. What I learned confirms it, I was born to either be poly or be in prison. I think poly is the better of the two ideas. I can tell you that in this life "I WILL NEVER BE MONOGAMOUS AGAIN “you can take that to the bank and cash it right now. We are poly-fidelital not some sex starved "depraved type” people. We have tact and we also have partners we can trust and rely on. We keep no secrets from one another as far as I know and she confirms her loyalty all the time. We believe in many loves not many sexual partners. My wife and I seek "loyalty with love", so we may have "family first" when they are one with us, until one of us has "Death with honor".



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