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Published on 14 June 2023 at 21:56

first saga

How does it make you feel when you read this saga

See what we are thinking.

At every doorway you enter, you should look around, You Should take a good look around - for you never know where your enemies  might be seated  within.





N.N. 1

1) what do you think when you read this?





2)what could your enemies do?



Saga # II

How does this make you feel when you read it?

Hail to the host ! A guest has come inside, where should he sit? He is inpatient, standing on the threshold, ready to try his luck.



hostility, is this it...?



N.N.1,8,2, 4

1) How do you feel about the emotion?



2) how do you handle hostility?


3) can you calm the experience down asap?




Saga # III

How did that make you feel

He needs a fire,the one who has just come in, his knees are shivering. Food and dry clothes will do him well, after his journey over the mountains.








 N.N.  5

1)it is raining and middle of the day so hunger has set in starting 2 days ago. do you welcome him/her?




2) food, clothing, why would he not have help?





Saga # IV

He needs water, the one who has just arrived, dry cloths, and a warm welcome from a friendly host-- and if he can get it. A chance to listen and be listened to. 





N.N. 3, 4, 5, 9, 1

How does this make you feel?


1) is this a friend, kindred, kin...?




2) can you be open to this?





Saga # V

Is this statement really that hard to think about? Am I learning from a fool?

If you do not choose learn  than what do you expect others to do? wize one?

A man needs wisdom if he has plans to wander widely: life is easier at home. He'll be laughed at if he sits among the wise and has nothing to say.





N.N. 1, 2,3,4, 6, 7, 8, 9

1) How do you lead your home?


2) When you are one of the wise in your home, are you ready for the lessons you should know?


3) A simple job is hard not to laugh at, do you expect others not laugh?


Saga # VI

Do you show all your knowledge, just because, You Think you Know the Answer? 

Do you find a poor person in rich clothing showing off? Sunday formals all the time and "Bling"... lol

A wise man is not showy about his wisdom; he guards it carefully. He is quiet when he enters a strangers home. Harm seldom befalls the watchful man, for can never have a more faithful friend than a good supply of wisdom.




N.N. 1, 2, 3, 4,8,9 

1) When you are wealthy do you flaunt others your money?


2)when you are quiet you learn,how you feel about the person, why you do or do not like this person?


3)Is it worth find that worthy kindred?



Saga # VII

The watchful guest, when he arrives for a meal, should keep his mouth shut, listening with his ears and watching with his eyes --that is how the wise man finds his way.





N.N. 2, 3, 6, 9

1) Does sound familiar from questions gone past?


2) why do you feel this is so important in life?




3) reflect back an be better than before.

Saga # IIX

A man is happy if he finds praise and friendship with in himself. you can never be sure of where you stand in someone else's heart. 





N.N.  9


1) are you happy in your self?


2) why does it matter what other people think as long as you are happy?


3) how can you be happy in you?


4) does this little girl care you have a zit and would she not talk to you because of  it? if so why do you care she is just a human?  you need to make you happy

Saga # IX

A man is happy if he finds praise and wisdom with in himself. Many men have received bad advice by trusting someone else,







N.N. 3, 8, 9,

1) A man is happy if he is minorly self absorbed and enjoys the praise and wisdom from him self. Is this you?


2) Many men have received bad advice by trusting someone else. Does this Happen to you  often?

3) do you have friends that did this to you knowingly or not?


4) when you are wise can you avoid this? 



Saga # X 

It is hard to hustle a hustler.

The road to victory is paved in gold...

A Traveler cannot bring better burden on the road than plenty of wisdom. It will prove better than money in an unfamiliar place-wisdom is the comfort of the poor.



N.N. 1, 2, 4,6,8,9

1) You can not get one over on you as long as your road gives you wisdom.

2)your wisdom may be better than money in a un familiar places. will you know how to handle your self?

3)Wisdom is the comfort of the poor, Why is that they dont have your wealth?


having one or two drinks really does not hurt you, Unless your diabetic

A traveler cannot bring a better burden on the road than plenty of wisdom, and he can bring no worse a burden than to much alcohol 



N.N. 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9

1) with alcohol mixed in how is there wisdom you can trust?

2) there is no worse burden than being addicted to anything. Can you trust a junky, drunk, or any other kind of addict in your life?

3) Can you say you have the Wisdom about life, to be able to help your self?

Saga # XII

is it really time for a change?

There is not as much good as men claim there is in alcohol for one's well being. A man knows less as he drinks more, and loses more and more of his wisdom



N.N. 1, 2, 4, 7, 9

1) How do you feel the more chemicals.

you have in your body?


2) how useful and addiction to you?


3) Is the wisdom filled by your addiction?

Saga #XIIV

In memory -stealing haren broods overhead while you drink and steal your minds away. I myself have been trapped in a bird's feather, When I drank at  Gunnloð’s home.





N.N. 9

1)As your mind is going How do you Think?


2) How do you feel when you let your mind go?

Saga # XIV

I was drunk , I was too drunk at wise fjalar's house. The best kind of feast is the one you go home from with all your wits about you.



N.N. 5, 9

1)You see the issue, what will you do about it next time?


2) Does that respect your host?


3) Was the food, good enough or do you have to be altered to enjoy it?

Saga # XV

A noble man should be silent, thoughtful and bold in battle. But every man should also be cheerful and happy until the inevitable day of their death.


N.N. 2, 4, 8

1) Are you a Noble man?


2)the average man, why does he get to be chearful,and happy?


3) why does  everything have to go until death, it just seems so final? 

Saga # XVI

An unwise man thinks he will live forever if only he avoid a fight , but old age will give him no peace, even if weapons do.





N.N.7, 9

1) What is forever, and why do we want to live that long?


2) If I avoid a fight how will I learn to use the weapon I acquired for protection.

Saga # XVII

It's a fool who stares when he comes to a feast -he talks to himself, or  he broods, as soon as he gets a drink, he'll say anything he knows.







N.N.  2, 9

1) If you are uncomfortable  sober why are you touching alcohol?



2) is there signs of aggression with the talking to his self and brooding while t a feast?


3) Is talking to yourself a sign mental illness or just stress?


Saga # XVIII

Only a man who is wide traveled and has a wandered far can know something about how other men think. Such a man is wise.










N.N. 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8

1) how can you be wise without seeing other view points?


2)How do you know you have traveled enough to become wise?


3) Wisdom in a person is respected, not to learn by choice makes the traveler stand still/grow stagnant, how do you learn? what makes your brain move?



4) Do you respect within yourself to do this when you are young instead of waiting until you are old?


Saga # IXX

Don't hold old to the mead- horn, but drink your fair share. Say something useful or stay quiet, and no one else  will judge you poorly if you go to sleep early.





N.N. 2, 4, 6, 7, 8

1) During this time is mead really more important to  you than what is going on?


2) Do you really think talking non-sence to other people is good for even a friendship no-less than in  business?


3) A friend will not judge you if you go to sleep, today at your job is it the same?

Saga # XX

A Gluttonous man, unless he watches himself, will eat to his own detriment. Wisemen will often ridicule a fool on account of his belly.






N.N.  2, 4, 7, 8, 9

1) Can you truly eat and stay in control of your self?




2) Can you really hurt yourself by eating?



3) If a man is fat why do others wise or not have to even bring it up, he already knows it?

Saga # XXI

Even cows know when  they should go home and leave behind the fields, but a unwise man does not know the measure of his own appetite.





N.N. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9

1) Are we really no better that a hoofed and horned animals?


2) Do you realise we have been compared to animals to the beginning of time?

3) How does that make you feel?

4) what animal are you?


Saga # XXII

A stupid man and an undisciplined laughs at everything. He hasn't learned a lesson that would do him good: he himself isn't flawless.







 N.N. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9

1)What should you do with that man who laughs at everything?


2) If you do not know, how can you know you are wrong?


3) Are you the one who should teach him, or is it up to someone else?


4)Is it wrong to teach others what is wrong?

Saga # XXIII

A fool stays awake all night worrying about everything. He is fatigued when the morning comes, and his problems remain unsolved.






N.N. 2, 4, 7, 8

1) If you can't fix an issue that night , why would you loose sleep from it?


2) If you are tired how can you truly be productive at anything?


3) What do you consider everything when you say this?


Saga # XXIV

who is the horses butt ?? him or them

An unwise man thinks anyone who laughs with him is his friend. He doesn't understand that the wise are mocking him, even when he overhears them. 






N.N. 2, 4, 8, 9

1) Because someone is mental, why would they mock them?


2) laughing with and laughing at are to different things can you tell wich is wich and why it is done?


3) Is mocking anything actually something a true wise man would do? 



Saga # XXV

An unwise man thinks anyone who laughs with him is his friend, but he won't find these friend when he goes to court- No one will speak on his behalf.

1) Why do you think your friends will actually stand with you?

2)why don't you  understand you are alone in the hard time every one but true family is there for you?

3) ignorance is bliss but your friends takes advantage of it until they can't no more, what do you do?

4) Are they your friend?...

Saga # XXVI

A stupid man thinks he knows everything if he hides himself in a corner. But he doesn't know what he'll answer , if men ask him questions,





N.N. 4, 9

1) What do you truly know, about when you are not alone?

2) Why do you need to know everything? is it that important to you?

3)Do you know, people do call you out if they have questions about you?

Saga # XXVII

it is best for a fool to keep his mouth shut among other people. No one will know he knows nothing. If he said nothing. An ignorant man doesn't know how little he knows, no matter how much he talks.





N.N.  9

1) Am I the person that keeps his mouth shut?

2) do you know the difference between the two words?

3) It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open and prove it.






You will seem wise if you know the answer, and know how to explain it.

People are not able to keep a secret of what they  they hear about other people.




N.N.  . 9

1) rumor has it, rev. mike is an awesome husband. Talk is just talk, we as humans need to remember that.


2) can you justify the answers... do you know all the facts about rev. mike? 

Saga # XXIX

You will say plenty of nothing with all your talking if you never close your mouth, A hasty tongue, unless it's disciplined, often earns it's owner punishment.



N.N. 2,3,6,9

1) Do you know what you are talking about?

2)if you answer the question before it is spoken what are you normally?

3)This statement says jealousy starts this way as well and other problems with trust , and loyalty, correct?

Saga # XXX

No one should ridicule anyone else, even if he comes visiting. Many a man seem wise if they are never questioned, and he gets to brood with dry skin.

*8= If you are doing this how are you not a burden? Are you their trainer, or just a tool?

N.N. 2,8,9,

1) to run somebody down, what is that?

2) Why would you speculate without asking questions?

3) Why would you want to think (worry) about life?

Saga #XXXI

A man may seem wise if he pokes fun at another  and distains a fellow guest. But the man who talks behind another man's back knows little, even  if he laughed with men.  


*Doing this does that make you a       bully?


N.N. 1,2,3,4,9

1) when you poke fun at someone in a negative way,why does it make you feel superior over the other person you are doing it to?

2)why is it important to know if I talk behind  some ones back I know little?

3)but i laughed with him is that not making it right?

4)Are you not a coward by needing to hide your truths?

Saga # XXXII

Many men are kind to one another, but will fight at a feast. There will always be conflict between men: A guest will fight a guest.



N.N. 1,2,3,4,5,8,9

1) where are you on the pecking order?

2) Are you Predator or pray ?... Alpha or Bata?

3) The Struggle for control/ dominance in an area is what a man fights within even in himself, if he fails to control him self he than lashes out at others.

4) can you pick out the alpha in this picture?


You should eat your meal early unless you are visiting a friend. A hungry man sits and get sluggish, and his wits are impaired.


* keep this in your heart.

N.N. 5

1) it helps the Digestion of food.

2)why do you think it matter if you are with a friend?

3) Why is this person sluggish & with impaired wits?

Saga # XXXIV

It's a long crooked walk for a bad friend even if he is near by. But it is an easy road to a good friend, no matter the how long the journey 



N.N. 1, 2,3,4,5,9

1) If it is hard for them to see you are they truly a friend?

2) A good friend will go along ways with you and for you, do you have that person in your circle?

Saga # XXXV

You should keep moving, You should never be a guest forever in one place.Your welcome will wear out if you stay to long beneath other's roof 

1) your home is your home. what do you do to protect it?

2) Couch surfing sucks and in order to keep your friend / brother what do you think?



Frigg is the goddess of marriage, motherhood, and wisdom in Norse mythology. She is the wife of Odin, the All-Father, and the mother of Baldur, the god of light and joy. Frigg is also the queen of Asgard, the realm of the gods, and has the power to see the future, although she rarely reveals what she knows. Frigg is often associated with weaving, as she spins the clouds and the threads of fate. She is also a patron of love, fertility, and domestic arts. Frigg is revered by many as the All-Mother, a compassionate and protective figure who cares for her family and her people.

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Loki, the trickster god of Norse mythology, had many children with different partners. Some of his children were monstrous and destined to bring about the end of the world. Loki and his wife Sigyn had two sons, Narfi and Vali, who were later killed by the gods as punishment for Loki's crimes. Loki and the giantess Angrboda had three children: Jormungandr, the World Serpent who encircled Midgard; Hel, the goddess of death who ruled over the underworld; and Fenrir, the gigantic wolf who would devour Odin at Ragnarok. Loki also had a child with the horse Svadilfari, who was a stallion. Loki transformed into a mare and gave birth to Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse who became Odin's steed.

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The Hávamál is an Old Norse poem that consists of various verses attributed to Odin, the High One. It is part of the Poetic Edda, a collection of ancient poems that preserve the mythology and wisdom of the Norse people. The Hávamál covers topics such as ethics, love, magic, and runes, and is considered a valuable source of Old Norse philosophy.

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