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We are opening a new area for people who believe in the ultimate power, higher power, the God with no name, and believers that we are all made of energy and the things are made of the same kind of energy. Guess what folks you have a Movie series made for you, and your people were the rebel alliance, and the Christians are the Empire. Well, this means that there really is a faith of people who believe in the power of the Jedi knights, and they fell the force… ladies and gentlemen this is no joking matter empathic people, psychic people, healers, along with handlers of cards and runes in its purist form.

Here is our solution to this whole Idea thanks to the Universal life church Monastery we have a new are for the Jedi Knights and how they may learn how to meditate and feel the force, and let it guide you. We are all pada-wans in life and us at House of Pagan Pride Inc want you to join us as well. This section for training purposes We suggest that you start training early in age so you may get the most out of it.

Young masters what is it you decide to work with first and how can we help you? Levitation in these lessons will not happen that is an advanced course (this is called an allusion), you will find later in life. There are many classes on mind control in different schools of thoughts it so goes with hypnotism. Then you have rune or card reading classes to aid you in that adventure. Laying on of hands/ Reki Mastery we cannot teach online you need a Reki master 3 degree at minimum to qualify. We are a community here and I would like to think you could find someone here that will assist you in being your own master within your own soul. You know what you want and being here we can help you find it.

I heard today do, or do not there is no try. I did and failed, means I still did it and that made so much since now that I see it on paper. We are all children in the same universe. This says we do not cut you down for failing we pick you up and dust you off like any other mentor would do so you kind be the master of your own reality.

This community for you can bring out the inner energy you have needed for a long time if you just learn how to feel the force.

Herbalists fall under a different sect of knights-aids, and they are more healers in the arts not so much mental abilities as it is putting their hands into soil and heads into books. This makes them no less then you are it just means they are studying a different art and deserves the respect for their knowledge and time within their classes as you do.

May the force be with you masters and padawans alike and let us encourage this alliance.

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Universal life church LLC. (product division) for your certificates of life training in process while you are there check out all of the books and other novelty items that they have.  

Thank you:

House of Pagan Pride Inc Director, Michael Grewe

03/08/2023 2355

Jedi knights, guardians of peace in the galaxy, hold a myriad of responsibilities that extend far beyond mere combat. These revered figures are tasked with maintaining balance, offering counsel, and embodying the principles of the Jedi Code. Their duties include diplomatic missions, conflict resolution, and the training of new generations of Jedi. Each knight is a beacon of hope, wielding not only their lightsaber but also the wisdom to use their power for the greater good. The path of a Jedi knight is one of selflessness, discipline, and unwavering commitment to the Force.

The Jedi Knights, guardians of peace in the galaxy, follow a sacred code that emphasizes discipline, patience, and humility. This code serves as a guiding principle for their actions and decisions, shaping them into wise and compassionate protectors. The Jedi Code teaches them to value knowledge and defense over aggression and to use their power to maintain balance and serve the greater good. It is this code that sets the Jedi apart as noble warriors who wield their abilities with responsibility and foresight.

The primary adversaries of the Jedi, guardians of peace in the Star Wars universe, are the Sith, who harness the dark side of the Force. Unlike the Jedi, who aim to maintain balance and peace, the Sith seek power and domination. The Sith philosophy centers around passion and personal gain, leading them to clash with Jedi ideals. Throughout Star Wars lore, various other factions and individuals have also opposed the Jedi, including bounty hunters, crime lords, and even corrupt politicians. However, it is the Sith's antithetical nature to the Jedi's principles that cements them as their archenemies.